9 Most Bizarre Baby Names ... Probably Ever

  • 9 Most Bizarre Baby Names ... Probably Ever

    9 Most Bizarre Baby Names ... Probably Ever

    When eBabyNames.com surveyed its users to find the most bizarre baby names ever used, we expected some crazy results. What we got were a bunch of "words" that we could never imagine being use to identify an actual person. We hope the kids that do have these names are able to put up with the bullying they've doubtlessly received.

  • Moo


    If you hear a woman mooing in the middle of a grocery store, she might be calling out for her child. "Moo" is a unisex name that is actually used by a few Americans, even though it is much more associated with the noise cows make.
  • Abcde


    Naming your baby is something you should not be lazy about, but the parents of the handful of babies named "Abcde" were too lazy to even reorginze the alphabet. Pronounced "Ab-sid-ee," one positive about the name is that at least the child will learn how to spell his or her name pretty easily.
  • Mc


    If you're sick and tired of vowels, then this bizarre name is right up your alley. We aren't sure if "Mc" is pronounced like "Mick," as in the first syllable in "McDonald's," or like "Em-See," the acronym meaning master of ceremonies that is largely used in hip-hop culture. We also can't decide which one of these would be worse.
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  • Zzyzx


    No, that isn't a typo, or a keysmash. At least 5 babies in the United States have the name Zzyzx, pronounced "Zay-zix." We're not sure if this is a boy or a girl name, but one think we do know is that these kids are sure to be last on every alphabetical list.
  • Lucifer


    Lucifer is a nice-sounding boy's name with a great meaning — it's Latin for "light bringer." However, having the name will immediately associate you with Satan and all things evil. The name is relatively popular (among the names on this list), probably due to anti-religious parents who want their children to suffer lots of negative judgement.
  • Bush


    "Bush" has become a sometimes-used boy's name in America. This bizarre name might be given by hardcore Republican parents to keep the name of both President Bushes alive, but it also has a lewd double meaning.
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  • Nimrod


    You'd have to be a nimrod to name your child "Nimrod." While the name does technically have biblical roots (he's Noah's great-grandson), the word has developed a colloquially negative connotation, meaning a slow-minded or witless person. The name is mostly used for boys, and mostly boys that endure merciless mocking.
  • Dzyre


    The pronunciation of this name is probably not immediately evident, but it actually sounds like a very common word. "Desire" itself is a pretty weird name, but this bizarrely-spelled homophone "Dzyre" is entirely bizarre.
  • Jealousy


    Several very popular baby names come from virtues, such as Hope, Faith, and Joy, and those choices make a lot of sense, but naming your baby after a vice seems pretty counter-intuitive. It'll probably be hard for the little girls named "Jealousy" to easily gain the trust of other people.
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