This Is Ingenious
1. This Is Ingenious

I have a friend who was convinced someone was stealing their pencil lead (I was). So I put things like "pencil, mechanic pencil, pencil lead..." at the bottom of emails in white text so that google/bots would target their ads to be about mechanical pencil lead. He freaked out thinking it was some conspiracy to get him to buy lead Source

2. Lifesaver

You know those 6 button combination door locks? I used to press one every time I walked by my boss' office. Every time he tried to get in it would take 2 attempts. Every time I tried to get in it took one, because I knew there was a button pressed. He has me change the lock, twice, and never figured out what was going on Source

Don't Stop Me If You've Heard This One...
3. Don't Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

I have a pretty good memory when it comes to stories that my friends have told me, so I like to retell their own story to them a year or two later (now starring myself) and see how long it takes for them to catch on. They start off with a look of "oh man, I can tell a similar story as soon as he ends his!" Then it turns into a look of "Wait, that's my f------- story!" Source

Oh.  You Are THAT Guy....


4. Oh. You Are THAT Guy....

In the first few weeks of starting a new job, I kept pointing at the basket of bananas in the break room and asking, "Hey, I keep seeing people take these. What are they for?" and then having a coworker explain bananas to me. I'd usually walk away after saying, "Oh, I had only read about them in books" Source

Tasty Treats
5. Tasty Treats

I like to bring snacks to work on April Fool's Day. Usually, I'll pick something cream filled like donuts or cupcakes. I've done this for over ten years at my current job. It makes everyone suspicious and straight up messes with their minds trying to figure out what I've done to the snacks Source

I'm Saying It Right!
6. I'm Saying It Right!

Say common things just barely wrong to where you know they notice but won't correct you. Game of the Thrones, Snapchap, Los Vegas Source

It's Your Birthday!  Again!
7. It's Your Birthday! Again!

A buddy of mine will randomly wish me happy birthday on Facebook when it's not my birthday so then a bunch of other people will wish me a happy birthday and I have to explain its not my birthday. This f'er does it every year. A couple of weeks ago he posted on my wall "congratulations man I knew you'd land that opportunity, so proud of you". That followed by a couple dozen people asking me what i had accomplished Source

That Guy From That Thing??
8. That Guy From That Thing??

I like to describe a specific movie at length claiming I can't remember the name, then when they give me the name I go "Nah, I don't think that's it" and suggest a different movie Source

Played Like A Sherpa
9. Played Like A Sherpa

Get them heavily involved in a good conversation, while standing, and just hand them something. Don't look at it, keep the conversation going, keep eye contact, and hand them anything from a tennis ball to a rock you just picked up. Almost every time they'll grab it without thinking. Works even better if talking and walking. See how much stuff they can hold Source

Who's The Sherpa Now?!
10. Who's The Sherpa Now?!

The opposite also works. If you get someone very involved in conversation, and they are holding something like their phone, and you reach as if to take it, they'll often just hand it over without thinking. I did that this morning to the guy I was relieving at work, as he was telling me about his night, and he handed me half his personal equipment. It wasn't until I started attaching it to my own belt that he was like "wait, what, what are you doing, give that back!" Source

SBD. Very D.
11. SBD. Very D.

I like to silently fart in front of the fan in my classroom and watch 19 third graders blame each other for it.....Pretty freaking funny Source

Yeah, My Name Is Richard.  With A D.
12. Yeah, My Name Is Richard. With A D.

I used to work in a call centre a few years ago. We had to take customers details and I'd always repeat them back to make sure they were correct. Whilst doing this though I'd f--- with them by saying things like "oh is that k for knife?", "P for pterodactyl yeah?". Good ol' silent letters Source

Slim Shady
13. Slim Shady

When someone I know calls me, I answer with "Hello, may I please speak to [caller's name]? Source

Eventually?  The Moon!!
14. Eventually? The Moon!!

I've been moving my coworker's desk a little bit every couple of days after he leaves. Started against the wall and now it's a solid eight inches away. Pretty soon it'll be in the doorway and he hasn't said anything yet Source

Donner Party?
15. Donner Party?

When I'm on a waiting list at a restaurant, I always put the name down as Parpar.
About half the people kind of hesitate or look at you weird. Play it straight and just spell it out if that happens.
When you're called over the loudspeaker, it sounds like they're stuttering. Par-par-party of 4.
You can also do weird/funny names that are just barely believable Source

16. Punny

I said "no pun intended" to a buddy of mine after I unintentionally made a pun, he said "None taken" in response. He responded like I said "no offense" and it really f'ed with me, we still laugh about it Source

You Should Be A TV Detective
17. You Should Be A TV Detective

I have a lazy eye and can make it look forward or at my nose at will without my glasses. So naturally i love to meet new people and after a small amount of time clean the glasses while having a conversation. All the while moving my eye back and forth, watching them try their damnedest not to say anything Source

We Love You Too!
18. We Love You Too!

At any drive through, Wendy's, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, whatever. I always finish my order with " Ok thank, I love you." and then drive up to pick up my meal. Always puts a smile on peoples' faces Source

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