Ah yes, the good ol' alligator-biting-into-a-colored-watermelon gender reveal trick. An absolutely classic...right?

CountryLiving reported on this bizarre and incredible story of what Mike Kliebert did to reveal the gender of his child. He got the family together, filled a watermelon full of a colored jello, got a 10-foot alligator, and everything was set to go. With the family gathered 'round, Kliebert took the watermelon and encouraged the alligator to take a bite out of it. When the alligator snaps its jaw, the melon exploded with blue jello spewing out. Without a doubt, this is the most creative way to announce someone is having a baby boy.

Melody Kliebert posted a video of the reveal on Facebook, which has gathered over 8 million views.

Just found out my grand baby is a ,,,,,,gotta love it!! And I do !! No matter the results !!

Posted by Melody Kliebert on Sunday, March 25, 2018

For starters, please don't try this at home, kids.

In the case of Mike Kliebert, he can do it. He's known as 'T. Mike, the Gator King' and he and his girlfriend Rebecca Miller run the Kliebert's Turtle & Alligator Farm, an alligator tour group. Kliebert is an expert at handling alligators so if anybody could pull off this trick, it would be him. His alligator of choice was a 61-year-old, partially blind, 10-foot beauty named 'Sally'. Mike told CountryLiving that he wanted an alligator to do the reveal because alligators are "like family."

Kliebert filled a watermelon with blue jello and with relative ease, got the alligator to bite down to reveal their baby's gender. The alligator is very comfortable around the Klieberts, with Mike's 9-year-old rolling around next to the animal. While one might think Sally was sedated, Kliebert stated she's very tame by nature due to age and her comfort with her handlers.

Despite the positive reception on social media, not everybody is on board with the use of an animal for a gender reveal party. PETA released an article condemning the treatment of the alligator, stating:

"Alligators are naturally shy, skittish animals who hide and avoid loud noises, bright lights, and commotion. They aren't entertainers or nuggets, and they certainly aren't sex-reveal party props."

PETA also notes that it has been trying to shut down the Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Farm for years now due to what they believe to be abusive and exploitative behavior by the Kliebert family. They even mention how the U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited Kielbert's farm as having violated many minimum standards of the federal Animal Welfare Act, having as many as 14 violations in a little over a single year.

This presents some food for thought. While it was an entertaining reveal trick and the Klieberts assured that the animal lives in happy and safe conditions, it's always worth thinking hard about an animal's well-being before doing something like that.

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