Trolling is an art form for dealing with people who annoy you. It allows you to send a message and have some fun at the same time. These genius care packages should help get the point across to the people who grind your gears.

A Brick

a pile of bricks

If you're thinking of trolling somebody with a passive aggressive gift, Mail Bricks has got you covered.

There are three brick offerings on Mail Bricks's website --a standard brick ($10), a patio brick ($12)and a box of six bricks ($30). If you're feeling extra generous, you can add glitter to your brick for $1.50 to show how much you really "love" that person. The company is received well by the public, with one of the reviewers on the website claiming the standard brick was "the most amazing brick to be shipped. Shipped well, bricked well. Bricks."

Notes can also be added to the brick upon request, with previous brick orderers saying things such as "Douchebag," "[This] reminded me of your personality," and "I sent you a brick."

Animal Poop

a pile of animal dung

The staff at Poop Senders can't say for sure if the products they're shipping are truly byproducts of specific animals, but they say that the "mad scientist" who packages these little treats frequents the local zoo and dairy farm every week.

Turds of all shapes and sizes from animals such as cows, elephants, and gorillas can be sent anonymously to that special somebody in either quart or gallon increments. That's right; a whole gallon of excrement can show up at your doorstep or in your office.

However, the poo price is heftier than some of the other packages featured in this list, with a variety pack of poop totaling $44.95, plus an extra $9.95 for the poor unfortunate soul that has to ship and handle the package. Here's what some have said about their experience sending crap to the people who give them crap every single day:

"Although I am not usually a vengeful person I've been shit on for the last time when I was just ripped off by another auto mechanic shop that charged me $490.00 for brakes and a tune-up I probably didn't even need. I sent them the biggest package of shit you had and I don't care which one of them opens it they all deserve it as far as I'm concerned." - Melissa M.

"I sent a pile of poop to my neighbor that lets her dog sh*t in everybody's yard. She must have gotten the message because now she carries a plastic bag around with her and actually cleans up after the dog. She never did that before. Thanks for a job well done." - Mary

A Bag of Penises

a bunch of gummy penis

Why not ruin gummy candies for one of your sworn enemies? Dicks By Mail (along with other companies like Ship A Bag Of Dicks and Bag of Dicks) doesn't just ship these penile gems to your favorite people, but buyers also have the option to add glitter bombs, penis magnets, penis mints, penis confetti and plenty more to their package. A few satisfied senders gave their hilarious testimonials:

"Sent it to my daughter - a junior in college. She was having a crazy stressful week. Sure I could've sent flowers or chocolates, but they were $70 and so boring. What better way to relieve stress than to open a bag of dicks with dick confetti! She loved it and laughed until she cried - the exact response I was hoping for. You won't get that response from a bunch of flowers!" - Cathy

"Got this for my grandma she's 94 but she's got a young sense of humor. She laughed her ass off, then she died... Just kidding... lol... She totally fell for it, thought it was an expensive gift because of the packaging it comes in and was actually upset complaining about us spending a lot of money on her until she finally opened it. Priceless reaction, I wish I could post the video but that won't go over well with grandpa..." - Benji The Dog Fart

Choices, Choices, Choices!

If you're having a tough time deciding which of these splendid ideas best suits your message, just think long and hard about the potential reactions you're going to get, and the rest will be history.

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