A Salt & A Battery At Burger King
1. A Salt & A Battery At Burger King

I didn't say this, but I saw it happen.
Working at Burger King many years ago. I was working the drive-thru register, which was close enough to the front registers that I could hear conversations. One of my co-workers was taking an order from a lady who kept asking how much her total was, and then cancelling food on it and changing her mind. I guess she was trying to keep under a certain dollar amount?
Well at the Burger King I worked at, any cancelled food on an order needed a manager's password (thanks to one a--hole who stole money by putting in someone's order, telling them the total, and then canceling out the order and pocketing the money). So the manager had come by 3 or 4 times at that point. This was during dinnertime, mind you, so there was a line of customers out the door waiting to order.
Finally, my co-worker pulled out a pad of paper and a calculator. He started writing this woman's order down and totaling it out by hand. The woman asked him why he was doing that, and he told her "When you make up your mind about what you want, then I'll put it in the register."
This pissed off the lady, so she grabbed the notebook and tried to hit my co-worker with it. He snatched it back from her and told her "Get the f--- out." My manager was only going to write him up for it (since the manager agreed that the lady absolutely deserved it, but my manager had to follow company policy), but he already had two writeups on file so she had to fire him.Source

So Much For Trying
2. So Much For Trying

my roommate worked at a place that did welding. there was a fire in the shop. he's a former marine, so after most people got out, everyone wasn't accounted for. he ran back into the upstairs office to help everyone else get out. not a major fire or anything, no lives lost. next day, he gets written up for violating company emergency policy. it was his third write up, he got fired.Source

Good Samaritan-Shmeraritan
3. Good Samaritan-Shmeraritan

I worked for Kroger from high school to early college. One day I was coming from the back dock when I saw a woman slip and fall and hit her head on the corner of the end cap. She gashed her head open a bit and said her one side felt a little numb. I grabbed the emergency kit, put on the latex gloves, grabbed a 4x4 bandage and held it over her to the bone cut and supported her neck. We called 911 and they were there in a few minutes. Medics take over, put a C-collar on her and get her ready to transport. Medic say thanks and leave with her.
A few minutes later I get called into the manager's office by our absolute c--- rag of an assistant manager. She has a write up ready and I ask what for. She was writing me up for helping her because that establishes we did something to cause it. I explain to her that I was one of five people in the store who were trained to use the BBP kit (bloodborne pathogen). She didn't care. I called the store general manager and he told her to rip it up and asked her what was wrong with her, to let a customer sit there with a massively bleeding head wound and possible neck injury or do something? He tore the write up the next day and about two weeks later she was transferred to one of the worst stores in the zone.Source

Double Whammy
4. Double Whammy

Many a year ago I worked at a home improvement store called Menards. I was a cart pusher, which was nice as I was outside all the time. Anyway we gather about 25-30 shopping carts together and push them up to the entrance where they are stored inside. Now to get them there we do have to cross the main drive of the parking lot in front of the store. We always stop and let customers drive by. So as I push the carts up I stop because I see a guy in an pretty nice SUV. He is actually stopped in front of the entrance maybe he dropped someone off I do not know. So I'm waiting to see if he drives off and he then looks at me and waves me across, looks like he wanted to finish a call he had gotten or something. So I wave back and start pushing the carts across. I am on the other side when something clips me across the shoulder blades and it stung somewhat and pushed me forward. And at the same time I heard glass shatter, I turn around and the guy in the SUV clipped me with his sideview mirror. It had swung closed and shattered the window in the door, and I'm just standing there wide eyed. 2 seconds later the guy gets out of his car swearing up a storm at me and how I'm a low life piece of s--- and how I'm going to pay for a new window and that I'm not going to get anywhere in life because I broke his window. Now I'm the type of person that if I was the reason I'll take the blame and fix the problem. But this guy hit me, I blew up on him for about 5 minutes before a manager finally had the guts to come over and pull me away. I didn't have to pay for a new window as it was on video, but I lost my job because we are not suppose to yell and cuss at the customer.Source

The Guy Deserved It
5. The Guy Deserved It

I was rude to a customer who tried to goad me into a fist fight.
A long time ago, I worked on bicycles. At the shop I worked at, the head mechanic was popular in the cycling community and a lot of people requested him for their bikes. This guy wasn't really good about letting his coworkers know about extra work that we were supposed to do for customer's bikes if he was out to lunch or running errands.
This was one of those situations. The customer brought in his bike for some work because he was going racing the next day. Head mechanic agreed to put him at the head of the repairs queue but neglected to let anyone else in the shop know or to note it in the computer system and basically hid the paper ticket on his work bench so no one else would work on this fancy bike that apparently only he could work on.
So the customer stops in to pick up his bike that he only dropped off a few hours earlier. Conveniently, head mechanic had stepped out for an hour leaving me and cashier alone.
I had no idea what was going on and the customer was pissed about his bike and "Geoff said it would be ready" and "you're incompetent" At this point I was probably visibly pissed but I asked the guy to come back in an hour when Geoff would be back. I didn't know about their verbal agreement.
The guy pokes me in the chest and tells me to f--- off to the storage room and "fetch" him his bike. So I did. When I brought it back, I told him to stick it up his a--. He complained to the manager. I got fired two days later.Source

Nasty Lady
6. Nasty Lady

I've only worked retail part time for 6 months in a game store. I don't know how people do it. One thing that still raises my BP is the thought of my first week. I rang up an item wrong and it was charging this lady $1 more than it should. Good catch. I screwed up on the code entry. But the lady looks down at her 10 year old daughter and says "this is why you have to watch these people..they are greedy and will take all the money they can from you"
Being part time I didn't care and fired back at her. "Jesus Christ lady stop being so over dramatic. It isn't going into my pocket. I messed up..sorry... try not to hit your head on the door frame while riding your high horse out the door"
If her kid hadn't been there I'd have thrown out b---- at her...
Never got fired for it..I don't think she reported..but that was the start of me knowing I couldn't do a life in retail...I don't have the capability to keep quiet when someone is an a--.Source

Team Rodent
7. Team Rodent

Disneyland. I worked in the ticket booths. If you're an annual pass holder, and you're on the monthly contract, Disney takes automatic payments from your credit card. If your card expires or otherwise has to be changed, and you don't call to put a new card on file, the auto-payments stop and your pass freezes. No big deal; Disney doesn't hit you with fees or penalties. You simply call or come to the booth, and we handle it right then and there -- zippety-doo-dah, and in you go.
One day, I get a middle-aged couple whose passes froze. The man was upset, and ready to talk about it. A common question from guests is "Don't you send out late notices?" No, Disney doesn't because they're not practical, and again, there are no penalties anyway. Just come see us and we'll straighten you out. The man says to me in a disgusted tone, "You don't send notices when a pass freezes? How does that work?"
I said, "Well, you receive your credit card statement, you see that a recurring charge is not present on it, and you can expect the service related to the recurring charge to be interrupted, and that it must be related to your card having been replaced recently."
The wife smiled, the man's face reddened, and he leaned in and barked, "Get your supervisor. I want to talk to somebody smart." To my shame, I said, "Of course. Would you like someone smart enough to stay aware of their credit card use, or merely smart enough to read contracts they sign?"
My booth lead happened to come over as soon as she heard "supervisor," so she was standing behind me when I said the emotional thing. It isn't how I wanted to go out (I was five days away from leaving for a new job), but I looked at it as a vicariously cathartic mic drop goodbye to my fellow cast members. For them, it was a thrill.Source

Well, You Could Only Fix The First Dozen Things!
8. Well, You Could Only Fix The First Dozen Things!

I used to work at a large retail warehouse home improvement store setting up installations for flooring. So this lady comes in needing help because the associate in charge of her order is an incompetent idiot who promised her the moon to get her money. So I'm trying to work through this ladys laundry list of problems and have about 2 hours vested of her tutting me and sniffing her nose and being an overwhelming obnoxious b---- through which I miraculously kept my cool. Finally I get to a point at the very end after fixing her laundry list of issues and there's nothing I can do to fix the last issue. Suddenly I'm an incompetent idiot and she flat out asks me if I'm the only one working and she wants someone else to help her. As a matter of fact yes I was the ONLY one at the time as 2 people called in sick and the other support I have is on lunch. So she has a fit when I tell her this and tells me to go find her the parts and she'll get someone to do it. So I left to go "find her parts". I basically walked away from her and let her sit at the desk. I walked around, talked to friends in other departments, Helped other customers in the isles, told someone to go let the b---- know I was still looking for her part, went to go take a s---, got a drink in the break room. I basically wanted her to sit her a-- there wasting her precious time. She sat there for an hour till she figured out I wasn't coming back. Later my manager came up and asked me who was working with this lady as she was pissed off and dressed him down, rode his ear ragged over some terrible employee who didnt know their job. I denied knowing what or who he was talking about, luckily she was too stupid to read my name badge and remember my name.Source

The Customer Is Always Wrong...And I'm Not Finished!
9. The Customer Is Always Wrong...And I'm Not Finished!

It wasn't me but i've been told about it.
Some guy just passed his training for a call center and a few days in, he answers the phone to a customer and they get into an argument. The argument goes on for nearly an hour and when the customer hung up, the worker called him back to continue the argument!
The guy was in his late 50's and lost his job very quickly after.Source

Hopefully His Wife Fired Him
10. Hopefully His Wife Fired Him

Not me, but my mother.
She was working at an upscale cocktail lounge in Arlington, Virginia, just out of college. Fancy place - all DC business men. It was common for large groups of men to come in and get absolutely wasted.
One night, a guy decided, after a few cocktails, that it would be hilarious to untie the wrap skirt that was part of her uniform. Bad idea. My mother was furious and dumped an entire tray of martinis on his head.
She was promptly fired, but still thinks it was worth it.Source

Lady, It's For Charity!
11. Lady, It's For Charity!

A woman came into a charity shop and complained about every single item loudly to the ten or so customers in there. Along the lines of "this is all s---. Who pays for this?" Like we're some boutique with clothes from the back of a van. She clearly didn't understand how rarely new clothes (still tagged etc) are donated. Then she got in my face about it. I was so angry with her for chasing away the people that came in that I lost my cool. There was nobody left except her since she'd ranted them into leaving. I told her to get out and I 'didn't give a s---' about the clothes or her opinions. She screams her way out of the shop broadcasting it to everyone on the street.
She came back once the manager was off their break and complained again, so I lost my job fairly soon after. I can't blame them, I'd have done the same.Source

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Pizza
12. You're Gonna Need A Bigger Pizza

I used to work at pizza place in a small town when I was a teenager. One night I took a phone order from some idiot woman. It went like this:
Me: Thank you for calling "pizza place", may I take your order?
IW: Yes, I'd like a large pizza. Half pepperoni, half sausage, and half black olives.
Me: Ok, did you want the toppings combined or separated?
IW: No, I want half pepperoni, half sausage, and half black olives.
Me: Ok so you want 1/3 pepperoni, 1/3 sausage, and 1/3 black olives?
Me: I understand the toppings that you want, but I'm not understanding how you want us to put the toppings on your pizza. Do you want them separated by thirds? Combined together? Or do you mean put half the amount that we usually put on?
IW: What's so hard to understand?! I WANT...HALF...PEPPERONI...HALF...SAUSAGE...AND HALF...BLACK OLIVES!!!!!
Me: Lady, there's only 2 halves to a pizza!
I got fired on the spot. It was easier for the manager to just hire another person than it was to lose a customer in a small town.
Oh, and the lady wanted the toppings divided into thirds. She told the manager the same thing and he just went with her math. The b---- also got it for free.Source

Well That Escalated Quickly
13. Well That Escalated Quickly

Obligatory, "it was my co-worker" but I was like 5 feet away. We worked in the produce section of Safeway. He had gotten in like 5 minutes prior and was obviously in a bad mood when a customer comes up and starts complaining about her fruit. He tries the normal talking points, but the lady is being a b----. Finally he just loses it and yells, "F--- off you stupid wh---!"
He throws his apron at her and leaves the store. Never heard from him again.
That was also the day I worked my first 16 hour shift...Source

The Dog Deserves Better!
14. The Dog Deserves Better!

Lost my position at a vet clinic. Story goes like this: woman brought in her 5 year old dog that had diarrhea for the past week, was untreated for it. She was tired of the dog messing in the instead of having the dog treated for the condition she decided she would rather just have the dog put down. I proceeded to call her a dumb b---- while explaining to her the responsibilities that are involved when you decide you want to have a pet. I was fired...I never looked back.Source

Drive Someone To Drink
15. Drive Someone To Drink

My sister was the manager of a women's clothing store. At the time she was dealing with some personal issues regarding depression and anxiety so she wasn't in the greatest state of mind to begin with. A customer came in with a pair of pants that had ripped along the inner thigh seams, which were well past the return period and had clearly been worn/washed.
The customer, who was a larger woman, went off on a sales associate, stating she'd only "tried the pants on" and that caused the seams to rip and she wanted a refund. She brought the associate to tears with her ranting and finally demanded the manager, my sister.
Enter my sis, and the customer starts yelling at her too. Sis promptly tells the customer that her pants split because she was a f---ing fata--, she wouldn't get a f---ing refund, and to take her fat a-- out of the store and never come back.
Sis then went in the back, called her boss and quit before she could be fired. Her boss actually was willing to let her stay but she chose to leave anyway until she could get her depression issues under control. Took a solid year but she's much happier and healthier now.Source

But, But, But...She Paid Extra!!!
16. But, But, But...She Paid Extra!!!

Was a stockroom assistant at a well known fashion chain in the UK & US. Didn't go off on a customer but I bloody well wish I did now.
Happened to be behind tills changing hangers boxes when a customer explodes at the trainee cashier demanding to know where her order was. She's screaming her head off at how it's "unacceptable I paid extra" and how she "made a specific detour" to collect her package.
She had ordered a jacket in another branch and had paid for next day delivery to the store I worked in. Customers aren't supposed to come collect their orders until they get an email saying their order is ready to collect.
The poor cashier started last week and is basically cowering for dear life. I take over and ask to see her email which she explains she "doesn't need" because she "paid extra" so her package "must be here".
After 10 minutes of me trying to explain why her package isn't ready to collect and her trying to challenge Krakatoa, she storms off shouting that she'll be "having words" with the guy who owns our company. I hand back to the cashier and carry on with my day*
The next day I'm prepping our delivery and I get called for a meeting with the store manager. I'm told I'm being let go for gross misconduct specifically "being unhelpful and challenging" to customers.
Turns out the customer was a "journalist" for the DailyMail and she called our head of company who she did indeed know personally and got me fired specifically.Source

Good Job Co-Worker Guy!
17. Good Job Co-Worker Guy!

Worked at gamestop as a ga (game advisor) some guy came in and had a figurative a-- load of games (over 100) to trade, all with games and cases mismatched. It took about 45 minutes to process his ticket when I told him the total it was low (because gamestop and also they were all old, scratched games). This man then proceeded to try negotiate with me to which I kept telling him I can't change the price which only made him angrier and louder. Eventually he yelled "listen you stupid ni----, I need at least $300 for all of this s--- and you're going to give it to me". First of all, I don't even have the ability to change the price, at all. Second of all my coworker proceeded to put all of his games in a bag, walk outside and tossed them into the parking lot and told the guy to take his "racist, cousin f---ing a-- somewhere else and to f--- off". Store manager came out of the back room and fired him dead on the spot. The guy stormed out and the second he left my manager said "Jesus what was his f---ing problem, alright get back to work". My coworker didn't get fired it was just theatrics for the racist c---, I felt like an idiot for just standing there but it was taking everything I had to not hop the counter and hit the guy.Source

Jail Isn't Worth It.  Or Is It??
18. Jail Isn't Worth It. Or Is It??

This didn't happen to me...but I witnessed it. A friend of mine used to work in a pizza place...I'd hang out in the lobby playing their Pacman machine...( was a long time ago). Anyway, my friend is taking orders when a guy storms in, screaming about wrong toppings. He removes the pie from the box and frisbees it into my friends face. My 2 time Detroit golden-gloves champion friend. What followed was the worst beating I've ever seen one man take. My friend lost his job AND got jail time out of it.Source

We Need A
19. We Need A "Talk To The Hand" Emoji For This Situation.

I didn't get fired but got a written warning for this. I was working chat tech support for a web host. Customer chatted in complaining of slowness claiming our servers were having issues. I do all the standard steps and we determine that his ISP is having issues (standard tracert, etc). He doesn't believe me and becomes obstinate. So I end the chat by saying "you're wrong!" About 10 minutes later I get a new chat. I see the account name and the question. It was the same guy with the same question. Without letting him say anything I write "you're still wrong" and close the chat. If I wasn't one of the better techs I know I would have been fired.Source

Pushy Moms Push Minifigs
20. Pushy Moms Push Minifigs

I didn't get fired, but I was written up and yelled at management. It was the reason I quit a week later.
I am in my early forties. For fun, I took a part-time job at a Legoland Discovery Center. I love Lego and love kids. It was a blast most of the time.
However, at Legoland, employees build their name tags out of Lego bricks and attach minifigs. Kids who visit can trade minifigs with employees. The rule is that we have to trade because it's fun for the kids.
Great! The only problem is that the center I worked at didn't supply any good minifigs. We just built our own from the "build a fig" buckets. I worked in the photo and entertainment departments, and noticed that lots of our guests would bring in their extra minifigs looking to trade, but were disappointed by the selection. So I began to buy tons of the mystery minifigs and had a large collection of my own at home. Each weekend, I put a bunch in my pockets and put them on my nametag throughout the day so that I could trade. I liked having Ninjago or Simpsons or whatever. I wanted kids to leave happy about their trade and feeling like they got something special. Most weeks I spent $75 or more on minifigs for trading.
On May the 4th, I pulled out all my personal Star Wars minifigs because I knew we would be getting a lot of Star Wars fans that day. I had Vader and many Stormtroopers etc. This woman came in with a three year old girl and insisted that I give her my stormtrooper. She didn't have anything to trade, but I smiled and gave it to her. Then the mom went and took a minifigs piece from the build tables and made her daughter trade with me for my Vader. I traded but was irritated because I only trade one of my personal ones per kid. There were lots of employees to trade with. The mom just wanted her kid to have my nice ones.
The lady goes on to another area and in comes a group of likely Star Wars fans. One of the girls had a Ninjago minifig in her hand that she had brought from home. She was looking for someone to trade with and was headed over to my section. I put Admiral Akbar (a fairly rare one you can only get from the X Wing fighter build set) on my tag along with Leia, excited thinking that I'm going to make their day. In swoops the lady who demand that I trade all of my figures to her kid who has three minifig pieces. I politely refuse and suggest that she ask the employee a couple feet away since we had previously traded twice already. She got very angry and began screaming at me because she had gone around the center and no one else had anything good. My manager came over and made me give her all of my minifigs, even the ones I still had in my pockets. I was written up for refusing to trade and not caring about the guest experience.
I was so pissed because I cared very much about the guest experience. Not the pushy parent experience, but the experience of the kid who just loves Lego and that's why I spent so much of my own money to make sure they left with something cool in their pockets.Source

Smells Like A Scam
21. Smells Like A Scam

Luckily I didn't lose my job for this, as the manager on shift was pretty lenient and agreed with me.
So I worked at a pretzel place where you hand make everything. I had just finished rolling and bounced over to register to help out a customer.
Lady asked "Hi, can I get your salted nuggets? But are they fresh?
I knew for a fact they were, I had just rolled them myself and put them in the warmer.
"Indeed, ma'am, I'd be happy to make you fresher ones if you want to wait five to ten minutes. But I literally put these in here less than five minutes ago."
She seemed happy and content. "Sure, I'll take those. Thanks."
Not even five minutes later she comes back hollering at me that I'm a liar, that I must be stupid because the nuggets were hard. Which I knew she was the liar because I had just made everything. What gets me is she came back EVEN THOUGH she came back with less than half of the cup left. Must have been terrible, right?
So after I get called a liar, a moron, and she had the audacity to demand a refund and new fresh nuggets another three times, I turned to a coworker and I said which I quote, "Someone needs to help this b---- because I'm not." loud enough for her to hear and I stormed out of the store to the back room to cool off.Source

Obnoxious Americans! Amirite??
22. Obnoxious Americans! Amirite??

I used to work for a popular pub chain here in the UK, called Wetherspoons.
I had been there three years, I had been promoted to Team Leader... I wasn't really too bothered about the job as a future, because it was only money to keep my through university, but money's money.
Anyway, one day we get a customer in, an American, who has just stepped off the plane. And all his preconceptions are off. For those not familiar with 'Spoons, a few things;
They don't do table service. You have to order food at the bar, and pay before you get it. They'll bring it to the table and clear it away afterwards, but that's about it.
Food is known for being 'cheap and cheerful', most of it is microwaved, bar the things that cannot be cooked in a microwave (like steak, for example)... It's not high quality gourmet dining and they don't pretend it is.
The 'customer is always right' ethos does not exist there. They'll be polite, to a point, but if you take the piss, you won't get good service, or any at all. I've rejected more people than I can remember.
It's primarily a drinking establishment, most people don't go there to eat, and most of the venues don't have dedicated food only areas.
Anyway, he comes in, has a seat and waits for a waiter, who obviously doesn't come (keep in mind it's not unusual for people to come in and sit and wait for friends and what not). He comes storming up to the bar, claiming he's been waiting for "a goddamn half hour". One of the bar staff, very confused, asks him "what have you been waiting for?" with 100% sincerity... The man seemed to think the bar staff was being sarcastic and rude. He started shouting. As TL, I stepped in, did the diplomatic "what's going on? Oh I'm very sorry sir, here let me take your order bla bla blah"...
He orders a steak, I can't remember what kind, but it was a steak. Now, remember earlier where I said it wasn't gourmet food? Well that extends to the steak. They offer 5 levels of cooking, but really it's basically rare, medium or burnt. He wanted his blue, which they don't do for unknown reasons... It comes out medium. He is not happy. He brings his plate up to the bar and slams it down onto the counter, red faced and furious... I'm paraphrasing a bit here, as it was a few years ago now, but the general jist of it went like this;
Me: "Excuse me sir, can I help you?"
Him: "You better hope you can, because I'm about to call your manager in buddy!"
Me: "Well, hopefully I can, what is it I can help you with?"
H: "This... This 'steak' burned"
M: "I'm very sorry, I'll order a replacement and give you a full refund sir" (standard op when dealing with food complaints of quality).
H: "Not good enough! I don't want another piece of s--- like that, you hear me. Give me my god-damn f---ing money!"
M: "Excuse me sir, there is no need to be rude, I've offered you a refund, I'm happy to do that for you, but you will not swear at me, sir".
H: "I'll swear all I want kid, that trash you served up is not a goddamn steak, and I want a full refund plus gratuity, or you can kiss your job goodbye"
M: "That is a steak presented sir, I'm sorry if it's not to your liking, but I have offered the resolution, allow me to go get your money".
H: "Hurry up about it! And that was no damn steak!"
M: "Then do you mind if I ask what you think it was, then, because it definitely wasn't a chicken" (I was pissed off at this point and the guy was a dick).
At this point he's reaching across the bar and pointing at me. I don't like people shouting at me. I hate people pointing at me.
M: "Actually, no. I won't get my manager. And I don't have to offer a refund (which is actually true, he can go to HQ and get it directly but it's a myth to say staff have to give it there and then). I was happy to give you one, but you've pissed me off now. So take your coat, and get the fuck out."
H: "You little shit, I'll call the cops"
M: "Do it. Then they can take you out for me"
This goes back and forth for a while, gathering quite a bit of attention from the other clientele.
Manager walks up, man shouts at him, manager calms him down. Man demands I be fired. I get pulled into disciplinary, manager breaks the rule (and not an unwritten one, a legitimate, company mandated rule) that says managers take our side. He says he has to let me go.
I was fired, appealed, and owned him and that dickhead so hard in the tribunal. Got payment for the 4 months I had been without a job, plus a little extra for the hassle, my record of being 'sacked' struck off my record and offered my job back.
Which I rejected.Source

Control Your Children!
23. Control Your Children!

I used to cut hair. I was cutting a lady's hair when the child of lady waiting started running around the shop. I told the child several times to go sit with her mother and asked her mother to please keep her child seated next to her. Well, in the middle of cutting around my client's ear, the child ran into my work area, ran into me and almost caused me to cut my client. I looked at the child and firmly said "you need to go sit down with your mother now." Well her mom didn't like that and came running back to me and yelled "Don't tell my child what to do, I'm her parent." I responded with "Then act like it." She glared at me, grabbed her child and stormed out. Everyone in the shop was relieved the child had left. A few days later the owner came and tried to fire me for it, but luckily there were enough other stylists and clients that came to my defense about the danger of the situation and I only got a write up.Source

And I'll Bet He Never Slices!
24. And I'll Bet He Never Slices!

I worked as a server at an upscale country club and had these two gentlemen come in for lunch. One ordered and the other said, "I'll have exactly the same thing." So I confirmed that's what he wanted and he replied, "That's what I said right?".
I bring out their lunch and the second guy complains and starts getting rude with me because his lunch has onions on it, so I say, "Sir, you said you wanted the exact same thing but I can have the chef make you another one". So he says, "listen to me you little f---ing a--hole, I know what I said and I never said I wanted onions". So I reply, "If you ever speak to me like that again you and I are going to step outside and work this out."
He pisses and moans to see the manager, who unbeknownst to me is sitting at the table right behind these guys having a meeting with another member. She turns around and tells the guy, "after the way you talked to my employee, I should let him. How about you both apologize and move on".Source

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