Price I Pay
1. Price I Pay

When I was a lazy 12 year old boy, I was on the couch watching TV when my mother came into the room with the kitchen trash. She was angry.
"This is the last time I'm going to tell you to take out the trash."
"Well, good," I replied. "Because I'm sick of hearing about it."
For that little bit of sass, I was made to go to all of her friends' and my friends' houses, like 20 of them, and forced to collect the trash from every room. It was humiliating but in retrospect pretty funny Source

Been Caught Lyin'
2. Been Caught Lyin'

One time I lied to my mom about something really dumb and obvious. I was 9 or so at the time.
After she scolded me, she called me into the kitchen to "apologize" and tell me all was forgiven and I should have some ice cream. I immediately said Yes! I would love some! So she scopped out a huge bowl.
She then asked if I would like some sugar added to the top. And of course as a kid I thought more sugar would only make it more satisfying. So she added it.
She gave me the bowl and I took a bite into the most sugar-covered spoonful I could get. Turns out, it wasn't sugar. It was salt.
Then she said "See how lying hurts people?"
My tiny trust was forever broken. It did teach me a lesson though Source

Suffer Some
3. Suffer Some

I didn't want to eat my green beans, so my father said I either eat them or wear them. I called his bluff. Not a bluff. With a Ziploc baggy and some twine, I wore those green beans the rest of the night around my neck. They still laugh at that one Source

Rock And Roll
4. Rock And Roll

In college, I took a spontanious trip to Europe to visit my roommate that was studying in London. We went to see some concerts by the band Phish. I didn't tell my parents as I was skipping classes to following a band around and I didn't think they'd be too keen on the idea. Well, the worst thing imaginable happened, my grandmother passed away. This was in the 90s, pre-cell phones, so the only way to reach me was my home phone and of course, I wasn't there, only other roommate was home and he just avoided picking up the calls and letting our answering machine pick up or told them that I was in the library studying for a huge exam. They didn't tell him why they were calling, just that it was urgent to call them back. Well, after dozens of calls over a couple of days, they finally leveled with him and told him about my grandmother and in turn, he told my parents the truth about where I was. I returned home 2 days after the funeral and my roommate told me what happened. I freaked out of course and that night I went home for Sunday dinner and couldn't think of anything else but to lie. I told them about an exam and how I spent days in the library studying. They went along with it, knowing full well the truth. "What was the exam on?", "How did you do?", "How many hours did you study?", "What else do you like about this class?", "Tell us about the professor", on and on, they peppered me with questions and I dug deeper and deeper into the lie, it was pure torture, lying and lying and lying. Finally, in a George Constanza-like moment, I broke down and dramatically admitted my deception. They responded with "Oh yeah, we knowm we just wanted to make sure you felt terrible about lying to us." They left it at that. That was the lesson. It's hard to punish a college-age kid, but they found a very effective way to do it Source

Chip Away
5. Chip Away

My brother and I got in trouble for not cleaning our room. It was pretty standard for my parents to take away our Nintendo or Playstation when we were in trouble but i found this particular one pretty clever.
My dad told us we could have the games back when we cleaned the rooms for real and didn't shove everything under our beds. We of course shoved everything under the beds and ran to my dad saying "It's all clean, can we have the Nintendo back?"
His reply was, "If you did what I told you, you'd already have it back." It was hidden under one of our beds the whole time Source

Then She Did...
6. Then She Did...

My mom was great at punishments that fit the crime. For example, a family friend's daughter was over and kept wiping her hands on her shirt, so my mom pinned a towel into a garment and she had to wear it until she stopped. That sort of thing.
My mom's masterpiece was for me though. I am the oldest of three kids, so my siblings learned from this one. After returning at age fourteen to a real school after a year homeschooling (both at my request), and as soon as I started really socializing for the first time I started to have an issue with curfews. I never came home on time, I never called to say I was okay despite having been given my first flip phone after the first time, and I would be hours late. She was trusting and lenient but this made her worry and that wasn't very cool of me. So after a few weeks of fighting with me about it, she decided it couldn't stand.
She came home from work one day at five and said she was going to her boyfriend, Steve's place for six for dinner. Well, 6:30 rolls around and Steve calls to ask where she is. I assume she's just late. He calls again at seven, and I start to worry. I call her cell over and over with no answer, start to call her office, her friends, my aunt, my grandparents... Nobody has seen her or heard anything.
I keep calling, rotating between her cell, Steve's house, my aunt, and my mom's two best friends, for what feels like forever. I'm in tears, scared and worried that something has happened. My siblings are terrified. Finally, around nine, she called. From Steve's. "It doesn't feel very good, does it?" she asked. And my siblings and I always called to let her know where we were after that Source

Idiots Rule
7. Idiots Rule

It's only strange to the person being punished... If I slammed a door as a kid, I was to "open and close it 20 times, nicely." It actually worked pretty well as I hated looking like an idiot Source

Had A Dad
8. Had A Dad

I was 14ish years old, and supposed to be in bed sleeping. I decided I was bored and didn't feel like sleeping so I went downstairs and told my dad "Dad, I'm bored, I can't sleep." So he told me "pull out a chair." I did. Then "stand on the chair." I did. then "touch the ceiling." I did... then he went back to reading his book and ignored me. I was confused and probably stood there for a solid minute before I finally mustered up the nerve to ask him why I was standing on a chair touching the ceiling. He told me that I could continue doing that, or I could go back to bed.
I went back to bed Source

Just Because
9. Just Because

My mom used to threaten to put us in the cupboard with the 'troll' that lived in there. We heard the troll once singing his troll song so believed it was in there. We found out as adults it was my dad through the wall. Mean Source

No One's Leaving
10. No One's Leaving

When I was 8 My dad once drove me to the orphanage because I was acting up and told me to get out. I settled down Source

Of Course
11. Of Course

One time I flipped my mom off for limiting my Halloween candy consumption(I was 10). After I flipped her off, she made me pick one piece of candy and threw away the rest. I cried the entire time Source

Standing In The Corner... Thinking
12. Standing In The Corner... Thinking

I think this was a relatively common punishment, but my parents took it to a next level...whenever I was being bad, my parents would make me go "stand in a corner." However, my dad took it up a notch. If I was bad in public, he'd make me go stand in a corner, no matter WHERE we were. In department stores, christmas tree farms, restaurants.
I thought it was so cruel, having to stand facing the wall in a corner silently weeping as people in the restaurant/mall/airport probably all laughed at me. But my parents have a hilarious collection of photos of this little girl standing in the most random of corners Source

No More Lies
13. No More Lies

Ahh that's excellent, but you got off lucky.
Once my dad loaded us up in the truck saying, "alright boys, we're going to Disney Land!"
We were ECSTATIC. A spontaneous trip to Disneyland with dad on a school day?! HELL YES!
So we drove to Anaheim... Saw Disneyland.... And kept going. To Home Depot. Dad needed a new sink faucet after I had broken it and lied about it. He wasn't mad I broke it. This lesson was in lying.
"You told me you didn't break the faucet."
"I told you we were going to Disneyland."
"Uh huh..."
"But you did break the faucet."
"And we didn't go to Disneyland."
"See how hurtful lying can be?"
"... I'm sorry."
I really was sorry too. Never lied to my dad again after that. Lesson f---ing learned.
And we went to Disneyland that weekend. Best day ever Source

14. Stop!

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I loved to yell at my parents and then dramatically slam the door to my bedroom. Finally my father had had enough of it and warned me that I would be sorry if I did it again. Well, that was my invitation to show him who was boss! I screamed and slammed the door. Eventually, as happens with 8 year olds, I forgot about the door slamming and was in the basement later that day, playing with my brother while my father had other plans. After a while, I headed back up to my room and discovered the door was missing! My father had taken it off the hinges and removed it completely! I had no door on my bedroom for a month, which was infuriating for an 8 year with no privacy! I never slammed the door again Source

Ain't No Right
15. Ain't No Right

My younger siblings and I were fighting. My dad made all of us get into one large tshirt and walk around the block together. We were like 13, 9 and 8. We have framed pictures of our "walk of shame" in the living room Source

No One Is Leaving
16. No One Is Leaving

Another one of my moms bright ideas: one day she got sick of my younger two siblings yelling at each other so she told them they could fight but they had to sing their words... It ended pretty quickly. My future kids will love this Source

Everybody's Friend
17. Everybody's Friend

My mom caught me driving my friend in the car when I was 16 and still technically on a restricted license, so she proceeded to string up an intricate 3D web of fishing line snaking through the vents and around the headrests and seats that prevented anyone from sitting in the passenger seats of my car and even kept the rear doors from opening fully Source

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