When You Live Next Door To The Ex-Mayor And His Nosy Wife...


When You Live Next Door To The Ex-Mayor And His Nosy Wife...

"I moved into a new house that was right next door to the former Mayor of our city and his wife. We shared a driveway from the street to our garages.

At the time I worked an evening shift and got home around 11 pm. Every night I would pull in to my parking spot and look up at the house next door, and the Mayor's wife would be staring at me out the window.

After a few weeks of this I get home one night and 20 minutes later the police come to my door claiming the neighbor called in a noise complaint. I explained I was only home for a few minutes and didn't make any noise other than shutting the car door. Cop says to keep it down and if he has to come back I get a citation.

Next 3 nights, same thing, only I get 2 citations for noise violations after 10 pm. The cops are unsympathetic since she's the ex-mayor's wife. They suggest I talk to her.

The next day I go knock on her door, citations in hand, just wanting to have a conversation about why it's unreasonable to pull into my driveway after work. She says I should 'get a real job, with normal hours, like a normal person.' In my defense, I had a good job at the time working in a boat factory.

My solution? I started a band. We practiced during the day at full volume every chance we got, and we sucked on purpose. Most of our songs were about the neighbor. Eventually, she came to the door fuming about the noise and especially the lyrics. I told her the lyrics were protected under speech freedom and I could be as loud as I want during the day. Nothing stopped her from having 3 people running gardening equipment at 6 am.

A few hours later, her husband stopped by, the former mayor. He put his hand out and shook mine firmly, saying 'Thanks for putting her in her place. I've been wanting to do that for 41 years. Keep practicing you guys might actually learn to play those instruments.' The cops never came back."

Idiotic Neighbors Who Enjoy Towing Cars
Idiotic Neighbors Who Enjoy Towing Cars

"My family and I were never allowed to park in front of our house. We had three cars, all fully functioning and were never sitting too long in one spot.

We would get notices from our neighbor about how our car would be towed if it wasn't moved to our one-car garage, with a one-car driveway, which is already taken up by the other vehicles.

We took the car out on the day and time it would be towed and had to deal with this weekly.

Then we got a notice from the owner of the neighborhood that we are violating some sort of parking agreement. It said in the legal papers that no one was allowed to park in the street, like ever and were issued to go to court to deal with violating these rules on the premises.

Well if you've been in my neighborhood, every person that owns a house there is parked in the street. Our next door neighbors parked in the street and they never got a notice or fine for it. There were people parking in front of the stop signs in the neighborhood and they hadn't moved their car in years! Which meant that we always had to go around the car to stop at the stop sign.

We took all of this evidence to court! The neighbors, along with the owner, looked like freaking idiots when we provided picture proof and date and times of everyone else's parking on the same street.

The owner got ticked off at the neighbors for providing a lack of evidence to win the case and called the bank to claim their home as revenge. Or so the rumor was. They moved away shortly after."

She Spray-Painted Her Neighbor's Lawn?
She Spray-Painted Her Neighbor's Lawn?

"My parents' next door neighbors are terrible, the wife in particular. When their kids were in school, the mother would sit in the driveway at 6:30 am and honk the horn until they came outside to leave for school. One day my mom asked if they could refrain from doing that. OH HECK NO they can't. Honking continues, then everyone in the house decides to honk several times EVERY time they pull out of the driveway, just to be pricks. They still continue to do this years later.

They accused my mom of having a garden on their property (my parents have lived there for 25 years, the garden has been there for 25 years). They call a land surveyor who laid out the edges of their property. Sure enough, the garden is about 4 inches over the line. This lady goes nuts, spray paints a huge neon orange line between the yards, digs up the garden, puts a tiny fence in it, then starts storing their trash bins in the area (in the back corner of the yard, super inconvenient if you ask me). Keep in mind, this is a neighborhood with a civic association. You are not allowed to even put up a fence without voted-on permission.

She accused my parents of putting dog poop in their yard. My parents don't have a dog, but this family has 3 wiener dogs that don't get walked... She stomps over to my parents' house and starts screaming. My dad dealt with her. He said she was screaming nonsense and seemed super paranoid, that my mom was plotting against them and sabotaging their house.

The whole thing is weird!"

Saving His Friend's Life From His Psycho Dad...
Saving His Friend's Life From His Psycho Dad...

"Alright, so we have this dude that lives across the street from us. When my parents moved into our current house 20+ years ago, they used to have a decently healthy relationship with this guy. At the time they knew he was absolutely insane, and so did everyone else that encountered him. Around 3 years after my parents and him first met, he had his first child with at the time, his current wife. They put that kid through misery.

During one of the largest snowstorms that year, the daughter had forgotten her books at school and had to go back and get them. Well, this dude obviously wasn't going to drive her so she had to walk, in the middle of a snowstorm, for 5 miles, in 3rd grade. That is just one of the many stories of how he ruined this kid.

To this day she is not the same. She moved out to live with her internet boyfriend at 16 all the way in Michigan. She is currently in her twenties and still doesn't have her license because she is too timid to drive.

About 4 years he finds himself a new wife, and they decide to have a son, who we will call Mike. Mike and my sister are in the same grade and me, I am three years younger than both of them. In Mike's early life, from about 1-12 my parents never hung out with the jerk across the street because it was very obvious that he was crazy. When I entered 4th grade, my sister and Mike were entering 7th grade, and at that time, the local middle school had grades 4th - 9th. After we got off the bus every day, me, Mike, and my sister would chill at the end of my driveway.

After about a year, Mike and I would start chilling cause we were interested in the same things (lacrosse, Xbox, snowboarding, paintball).

The first summer was one of the best summers ever. Mike and I would play lacrosse in my front yard every single day, and during the school year, we would play Xbox and snowboard. The next summer was the same thing.

When I was in 7th grade and Mike was in 10th was when it started to get weird. The summer I was going into 8th was horrible! His dad had decided that he was spending too much time over my house and that I should be going over their house more. Alright, fair enough, except for the fact that he had hardly a yard and it sucked to play lacrosse there, so we would often sneak back over to my house. But here is the kicker, his dad ALWAYS knew that we had because there were cameras, everywhere, at this dude's house. It finally gets to the point where his dad isn't even allowing him to come over anymore.

Towards the end of the summer, Mike is driving around town and was T-boned at the intersection by some A-hole. Well when his dad showed up to the scene of the accident, the police had to hold him back from attacking Mike. When Mike told my mom about this, she had a talk with his father, which didn't go so well.

The next week, my neighbors are throwing a party and jerk decides that it is his mission to inform everyone at the party that his son is an idiot, and that the reason why he is always at my house is that he is having sex with my mom. Now the town we live in is very small, sub 2k people so basically everyone in the town knew about it within a week. This absolutely destroyed my mom's reputation in the town. So like my mom did before she calls him up to have a word with him. In about a five minute conversation, he threatened to kill our dog, put salt in our gas tanks, and put oil in our pool. As soon as my mom gets off the phone, she calls the local police and gets a no trespassing order on him.

A year later is Mike's final year of High school, and we were attending the same school. Well me being a freshman, my mom had to drive me in the mornings and at night. One week she had to go to court and was hoping that Mike might be able to drive me to school. Side note, we have a church behind our house so Mike would pick me up there and his dad will never know. But, somehow his dad found out. This jerk chases me and Mike to school in his Ford f-350 and attempts to drive us off the road multiple times. This added more wood on to the neighbor hate fire.

One random day in November, we get a ring at our doorbell at 10 at night. It's Mike with a suitcase. Now we had always talked about him moving in with us, but we never knew if he actually would, but, we were always prepared. Mike stayed in our house from November to May of that year and now goes to college, which he pays for by himself.

I like to think that my mom saved this kid's life for always being a good role model, but she says that it was all of us because we showed him how a good family functions and that is what he needed to see."

The Every Day Leaf Blower
The Every Day Leaf Blower

"My neighbor at my parent's house had OCD for sure. He would mow and leaf blow his yard every day. Every single day. If it rained, the second it stopped he would go out there and mow and leaf blow.

He would leaf blow his roof. Then he would leaf blow his cars. Then wash his cars.

Every day. He either had OCD or hated his wife. He never talked or waived to anyone either. Strange dude.

The neighborhood kids did super glue a leaf to his driveway. I wish I was there to see his reaction.

My family just always dealt with it. It's his yard, he has a right to do what ever he wanted on it but my god the sound of his leaf blower would just drone on for ever.

My next door neighbor blew a gasket on a Sunday morning and walked over and yelled at him one day. He stopped and did his daily blow and mow in the afternoon."

Stealing Their Gas?
Stealing Their Gas?

"I had a really bad neighbor back in my early 20s who we caught constantly trying to sneak over in the night and steal gas from our cars and anything we left outside.

We actually lived in a nice neighborhood he was a junkie who lived with his parents. He got arrested at one point for feeding meat with broken glass in it to a neighbors dog for fun. He was always a terrible guy, but the drugs made him even worse.

He tried stealing my lawn mower and I chased him off. Later that night I caught him outside spray painting my garage and I beat the life out of him and called the police. He got arrested for assault, trespass, and vandalism. His parents bailed him out shortly thereafter.

Then he decided to come to my house with a baseball bat to 'get revenge' on me but neither I or my wife were home. Her father and mother were down visiting us and staying in our spare bedroom. I suppose he kicked/broke down the door to get inside. My father in law shot him 6 times in the chest with a 44 special."

The Preacher Neighbor Killed Her Horse!
The Preacher Neighbor Killed Her Horse!

"My next door neighbor lives on 5 acres of land with two horses and his wife and is the nephew of Jim Shoulders.

When they first moved in, my dad would go over there and help them build their house (they lived in a horse trailer with living quarters in the front and stalls in the back), and move around dirt and landscape and stuff. This neighbor is also a preacher, and had gone to our cowboy church a couple times to give his sermon, and they were always weird. He only went a couple times. His sermons were always over the top and cultish.

Anyway, eventually the guy brought up the fence line. He said the fence was on his property, and that he didn't want us to touch it. He went on about how he owned an extra 50 feet of land outside the fence line, which would put his property line in the middle of our house. For a preacher, he had severe anger issues, and fought my dad on everything. We built a gate on our property, and he tried to have that torn down. He wants private access to our black top road that WE own, and that WE built, and that goes to property that he's not allowed to go on. Another issue; the trailer they're living in. It has a tank for the sewage. It never leaves his plot of land. One day a couple years back we started smelling this absolutely rank stench. The pond that we own sits about 50 yards from the fence line, and the water was looking funny, and the plants were turning weird colors. Turns out he was dumping his sewage into the forest behind his trailer, on the neighbor's land that he wanted access to. When it rained, the runoff would spill into our pond, contaminating the water. We also have a community well that the whole county road runs off of. We don't use that anymore. Contamination. I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

My dad was mowing outside one day, and apparently mowed too close to the fence for the neighbors liking. This guy comes out screaming profanity, telling my dad that he was trespassing on his land. The gate is closed and my father is standing behind it, obviously on our property, and this dude just wails on my dad's shoulder because he missed his head. We called the cops, and he was sentenced to anger management classes for like six months. A freaking preacher punched my dad. After that, we 100% have no contact with him. We find out from other neighbors that he's borrowing money from them and refusing to pay them back, and getting physically violent when they won't lend him any more. He's borrowed like $7,500 from all of my neighbors combined and he's not paying anyone back. On top of that, my horses roam around the entire fence line.

One day a couple of months ago, my horse LittleBit started getting violently ill. Her favorite spot to graze is right up against his fence line, and he always complains about it or shoos her away. She died like a week and a half ago and we still don't know why. I have a good idea. Worst neighbor. Ever."

Nice Guy Turns Into Creepy Stalker?
Nice Guy Turns Into Creepy Stalker?

"I graduated college and moved out on my own for the very first time in my life.

On the day I moved into my first place, I met a very nice man who said he lived kitty corner to me. Unbeknownst to me, that man would soon become my stalker.

He would walk by my work and wave to me. It was rather endearing at first. Then it progressed to him stopping outside my work place until I waved back. He finally got up the guts to ask me out but made sure everyone I work with was gone for the day.

What tipped the scale was one summer day, as usual, I went home during my lunch hour. I left my front door (which leads to my dining room) open. Kid you not, he comes walking to the back door of my place and just stands at the bottom of my steps, peering in for a good 3 minutes. He seemed as though he was looking for me, but didn't see me as it was lighter outside than inside, making it impossible for him to see in. We were within 15 feet of each other."

Consistently Calling The Cops About A Cat?
Consistently Calling The Cops About A Cat?

"I used to live next door to a really friendly old woman. When she passed, her son moved into the house and decided to slowly start going crazy while blowing through his inheritance. He dug a gigantic circular pit (about four feet across and seven feet deep) in the front yard and sorted any rocks that he found in the process by size, shape, and color in little piles along his driveway. The place looked like a freakin' limestone quarry after a few months.

Aside from when he was out digging in the yard, I rarely saw or spoke to him. But he started filing police reports against me, stating that I was sneaking on to his property at night and burying little piles of cat stuff everywhere. This was a bit bothersome, but the same cops kept showing up at our door every month to 'investigate' the claims, and the absurdity of the situation became something of a running gag. The cops would show up, jokingly ask me if I'd buried any cat stuff recently, and then we'd chat over coffee for half an hour or so.

My neighbor ended up getting forcefully removed from the property (despite the fact that his mother had completely paid off the house, he apparently took out a huge loan against the property and threw all of it away on God-knows-what). When they started cleaning out all the stuff that he'd left in the house, they apparently found huge stockpiles of ammo. I guess I should consider myself lucky that he never took the law into his own hands when the police failed to properly address my cat-related crimes."

The Snobbiest Cold-Hearted Woman!
The Snobbiest Cold-Hearted Woman!

"The night my sister died.

My other sister parked in their empty, two car driveway for ten minutes because the street parking was full - police, ambulance, medical examiner. I had to get out of the house for a minute, so I headed over there to apologize and tell her she would be moving it as soon as the medical examiner was done.

She tore a strip off of me before I could open my mouth. When I explained what happened, she said, 'Well, I guess we're both having a bad day, sorry for your loss', in the snottiness voice I have ever heard. It was a devastating night, and to this day I am so angry about it.

We've lived here for more than five years, and have had a perfectly cordial relationship before this. I haven't seen her since (it was three weeks yesterday). My other neighbors brought me banana bread and pie."

Overfilling The Dumpster Next Door...
Overfilling The Dumpster Next Door...

"When I first moved out of my parent's house I moved into a lower middle class, but fairly nice, neighborhood with a couple of friends. Our next door neighbors were so nasty and dirty that we wouldn't let their kids near my roommate's dog because we were legitimately afraid they would give her dog bugs. As sad as it all was for the kids there was nothing we could really do since CPS never took the kids for whatever reason. Anyway, one day we get word that somehow they're getting kicked out (we thought they owned it) and everyone in the neighborhood was thrilled to see them go. They start the move out process, but I started to notice everything they were pulling out of the house was trash and only trash. They filled two very large dumpsters and two garbage trucks to the brim with trash from INSIDE their house.

And then as a final 'SCREW YOU' to the neighborhood, they bug bombed their house. Being the next door neighbors, we got the worst of it, but the entire neighborhood got a horrible roach infestation. It was like a horror movie, every time you flipped a light switch on, you'd see dozens of them go scurrying away. The worst was when I lifted my bed and saw a few hundred roaches just hanging out on the underside of my mattress.

Even the Orkin man or whatever company came couldn't help rid them. There were just that many roaches I guess.

Needless to say, we terminated our lease and got the heck out of there within the next couple of days."

The Many Reasons Why They Couldn't Sleep At Night
The Many Reasons Why They Couldn't Sleep At Night

"I've had two instances: In a row too!

First: I lived in an apartment complex. About a week after I moved in my neighbor's dad moved in with her. For the following months, they would ALWAYS fight at night. About what? I didn't know for sure but I did later on. The man was always nice to us. He'd some times BBQ some steaks and asked us to help our selves with us if we wanted. 80% of the time we declined. But it felt good knowing he was a nice guy at least to us. My mom was out working and my baby brother and I were in the living room watching tv then we hear them argue we ignore it. We hear some fire works go off, we turn up the volume of our TV. Then, we hear the (lady) neighbor next door screaming 'Please No!' following by what we thought it was fireworks at first. It wasn't.

My baby brother and I dropped to the ground and crawled to the room. We called the police about what we heard and as if on cue we hear another and last shot. Minutes passed by police showed up and I decided to look out the window.The man shot his daughter in the chest 5 before killing himself (all in front of the living room window). We moved out a week later and had a problem sleeping after that. I shouldn't have looked outside the window.

Second: The worst part of my last apartment complex was not being able to sleep from everything that had happened that night. So when we moved we hoped this would be calm. It was a fairly nice area. We moved to an apartment upstairs because my mom didn't want us to deal with that again living downstairs. But seriously. Screw those downstairs neighbors. At 6 am FREAKIN' 6 AM. After having trouble going to sleep they decided to put on Mexican country songs. FULL BLAST. The floor would shake from how loud it was. We knocked. But they didn't hear us knock, of course. We called the cops. They stopped for 2 days but then continued. Complained to the office management team and, unfortunately, they had no offenses, so the first was verbal, then notice, then security check, THEN a possible removal from the building. They didn't give a care. Apparently, so did the management after a while. So we moved again only 4 months after moving in.

Now, living downstairs apartment, the kids and people from up stairs won't stop jumping and running that even the ceiling lights move.

I need to move out!"

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