A Man Cooks His Ex-Girlfriend's Dog and Serves It To Her
A Man Cooks His Ex-Girlfriend's Dog and Serves It To Her

Sure, it's not Eric Cartman serving Scott Tenorman's parents back to him in chili, but it's still very disturbing to hear about the man that cooked a meal for his ex-girlfriend that included her Pomeranian named "Bear."

This psychopath, a Californian named Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh got into a fight with his girlfriend, beat her up and when she ran from her house, he took off too. When she returned, she found he was gone and so was her beloved dog.

About a month later, Watenpaugh and the woman reconciled and Watenpaugh offered to cook a romantic dinner. After dinner, Watenpaugh left and shortly after, sent a series of texts to the woman asking if she enjoyed her dog, which he indicated she had just eaten on a Hawaiian roll. A couple days, after numerous texts about eating the dog, Watenpaugh left a "doggie bag" on the woman's front stoop. In it were Bear's paws.

That is some twisted behavior and luckily, he was arrested and charged with a number of crimes related to the dog as well as the physical abuse the woman suffered. In 2015, Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh was sentenced to 7 years in jail.

A Man Hides In An Attic For Weeks Before Murdering A Family
A Man Hides In An Attic For Weeks Before Murdering A Family

Ever get that feeling you're being watched? Or do you ever hear a noise and dismiss it as paranoia? After learning about the Hinterkaifeck Murders, you might think twice about checking your attic at night.

It all happened one night in 1922 in Bavaria, Germany. Five members of the Gruber family and their maid that lived on the farm with them were murdered with a mattock by a person whom police believe had been secretly living in the attic of the farmhouse for at least a couple of weeks - and possibly even as long as 6 months - before committing the murders. He or she then spent another week living in the house after the killings. Four of the family members were lured into the barn somehow and killed one by one, the murderer then went into the house and killed the youngest child, who was only two-years-old at the time and maid, who had just started working for the family that very day.

In the days prior, the patriarch of the family, Andreas, told neighbors about some weird things he had noticed, like footprints in the snow around the house and about hearing footsteps in the attic. Their previous maid had quit some months prior, saying the farm was haunted.

The murders have never been solved.

And Yes, There Are Razor Blades In Candy Too
And Yes, There Are Razor Blades In Candy Too

Speaking of razor blades in candy, it turns out that urban legend is true too. In 2015 a 14-year-old in Texas came home from trick or treating on Halloween and bit into a Snickers bar and found a razor blade! Just like your parents warned you. Luckily the girl was not injured, but her parents did take the rest of her candy to the police station, along with the Snickers. Police x-rayed the rest and declared it safe to eat.

The fact is though, the rumors, myths and urban legends about razor blades and pins and needles are all based on the truth, so watch out this fall, check your kid's candy, be safe!

A Man Is Infected With HIV After Being Stabbed With A Needle
A Man Is Infected With HIV After Being Stabbed With A Needle

Another classic urban legend from the 1980s is the one about drug addicts stabbing innocent bystanders with HIV-infected hypodermic needles. It turns out this legend came true when a prison guard in Australia in 1990 was stabbed with a needle by an inmate in 1990. The guard, Geoffrey Pearce died of AIDS 8 years later.

What could be scary? You're walking through a park or down the street and all of a sudden a homeless junkie lunges at you and sticks you in the neck with a needle. You panic, call the police and they take you to the hospital where you find out the needle was filled with AIDS-infected blood and two weeks later, you test positive for HIV. In the 1980s, that was a death sentence, there was no treatment. Now in the real world, this made little sense, the odds a drug addict would bother to do something so nefarious and awful is pretty low. Most drug addicts are not also homicidal maniacs, which is the only kind of monster that would do this kind of thing. But you know what kind of people can be homicidal maniacs? Convicted criminals, like the one that stabbed and killed Geoffrey Pearce.

The Call Is Coming From Inside The House!
The Call Is Coming From Inside The House!

It might be the most famous urban legend of them all. A babysitter receives a phone call late at night and on the other end is a sinister voice making threats. She freaks out, calls the police who somehow "trace" the call and it turns out it's coming from inside the house!

Here's a scary fact: something like this actually happened. It was back in 2014 in Chester, England. A creep named Kyle Ravenscroft send a series of texts to a young woman he was in love with and stalking. The texts got scarier and scarier, at one point, he threatened to kill himself outside her window. Later he sent a text that read he was watching her. This was enough for the teenager, and she decided to sleep next to her mother, in her mother's room, too freaked out to sleep alone. Then, around midnight, she received one final text that said: "I'm watching you."

When she woke up in the morning and went to her bedroom, she got an uneasy feeling that she was being watched. She looked around and peeked under the bed and that's when she saw him. Kyle Ravenscroft had broken into her house and hid under the bed all night! She sure must have been grateful she chose to sleep in her mom's room!

Ravenscroft was arrested, charged and convicted of a number of crimes, including stalking.

A Man Really Died From A Wedgie
A Man Really Died From A Wedgie

Bullies and victims have been on the giving or receiving end of wedgies respectively since the invention of underpants. Every victim has worried at some point that one day the bully isn't going to stop and he'll receive the wedgie to end all wedgies; they live in fear of the dreaded Atomic Wedgie. Bullies, on the other hand, dream of this. It drives them.

Sadly, for one Oklahoma man, the dreaded, fatal atomic wedgie turned all too real and he was killed when his stepson and he got into a fight that ended when his stepson applied the wedgie, wrapping the elastic band above his stepfather's head, constituting an atomic wedgie. Unfortunately and tragically, the elastic band somehow ended up around the stepfather's neck and he was strangled to death. He was actually killed by the wedgie to end all wedgies. The man, Brad Davis, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the death in 2015.

Three Couples Are Attacked While
Three Couples Are Attacked While "Parking" On "Lover's Lane"

It's an old tale, two young lovers sneak away for a little quality time together at the end of a road or up on a hill overlooking town or near a lake. You know the situation. The girl hears a noise that the boy tells her to ignore it, and then suddenly the driver's door is open and the boy is dragged out and brutally stabbed.

This is a tale that was all too real for the residents of Texarkana, TX in 1946. In the span of three months, three couples were attacked on "lovers lanes" and another elderly couple was killed in their farmhouse on the other side of town. In total, five people were killed and 3 were seriously injured. The murder spree terrorized the town and the killer or killers were never caught. In the years since, the spree has been the genesis of many urban legends, including the infamous "hook man" legend.

Someone Meets And Attacks Women He First Met On AOL Instant Messaging
Someone Meets And Attacks Women He First Met On AOL Instant Messaging

In the early days of the internet, many emails circulated with wild tails of strangers luring other strangers online to meet and murder, maim or otherwise attack them. Most of these wild tales were fake, but one was not.

An AIM user with a handle of "Slavemaster" convinced two Kansas City, MO women to meet him, separately, and when they did, he assaulted them, as he had with other women in the past, apparently. The women filed charges against him and when police started investigating, they found evidence of even more brutal crimes. While they combed his property for evidence, police discovered two 55-gallon drums, each containing a woman's body. A few days later, they found three more bodies at a storage garage the man rented. The man, whose real name is John Robinson was convicted in 2003 and sentenced to death.

Later, the Craigslist Killer would commit a similar crime in 2009.

A Razor Blade In Her Food
A Razor Blade In Her Food

Every Halloween, kids across the country are warned about the possibility that there could a razor blade in their candy. There rarely ever is, but that doesn't stop people from worrying about it. That really goes for all food, the fear of biting into a meal at a restaurant only to find a razor blade waiting at the bottom

For one Arizona woman, this nightmare came true when she found a blade at the bottom of her salad from Burger King. We can discuss the wisdom of ordering a salad from a fast food joint later, but even if it's not the most sensible thing to do, we can all hope that there are sharp objects in them!

Great meeting tonight introducing #motives to Lashawn Cox Morton Bruce went to the little boys room and got a big surprise #starbucks #snakes #yikes #pottohissin

Posted by Michele Ahlswede on Tuesday, September 3, 2013
A snake came out of the toilet!

Remember those times you went swimming at night and you were convinced there was something sinister at the other end of the pool? Or the story you heard about the guy going to the bathroom when all of a sudden he felt something, uh, underneath him? Sometimes it was a crocodile that had found its way into the sewer system? As you got older, you might have chalked it up to urban legend. But for a man at Starbucks in 2013, it was no legend.

Texan Bruce Ahlswede stopped by his local Starbucks one morning and took a quick break to use the facilities. Luckily, he was going #1, because when he looked down he saw a snake clinging to the side of the bowl, under the seat! Had he been there for a more extended stay, he very well might have sat right over the snake and not known at all! Of course, he snapped a picture and luckily for all of us, his wife posted it on social media.

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