She Likes To Makes Things More Complicated Than They Should Be


She Likes To Makes Things More Complicated Than They Should Be

"I worked in a sandwich shop where we sold combos (sandwich, chips, and a drink) for about $6 each. One time, this lady came in and ordered a number one, which was like pastrami, white bread, three cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Then she asked for some changes to the sandwich (no problem) but by the end, she not only replaced every item that goes on the number one, but she managed to make her order match our number seven down to the condiments.

I point it out to her and she said she didn't want a number seven, she wanted the altered number one even though they were the same thing. In the end with all the things she added to her order her came out to about $15 when it could have been $6."

A Women Rents The Wrong Adult Movie


A Women Rents The Wrong Adult Movie

"When I was in high school, I worked at a video rental place. I actually really liked working there; my coworkers were fun and I could get free movie rentals. One day, a woman came in fuming over a DVD she had rented. It was an adult entertainment movie. I initially worried because we had a problem with teenagers putting the adult rentals behind movies in the kid's section.

She told me she was really offended by what she rented. I said, 'I'm so sorry, what did you intend to rent?' Thinking maybe she wanted the Brave Little Toaster and ended up with smut and her six-year-old had been traumatized. Nope. It turns out that she had rented something with white men and black women. She had actually wanted black men and white women. I was going to ignore her weird racial (possibly racist) preference and just let her exchange the movie when I figured out that it was a week overdue.

I told her I would waive the late fee but she would have to pay to rent another movie. She started freaking out about how disgusted she was with the movie. Luckily, there wasn't anyone else in the store at the time because she totally dropped racial epithets when referring to the women in the film. Finally, I just told her she could call and speak to the owner later and suggested she try the internet for her future needs."

A Diabetic Only Likes Certain Things With Sugar


A Diabetic Only Likes Certain Things With Sugar

"I used to work at Tim Hortons throughout college. We had a guy come in once very angry because we messed up his coffee when he came through the drive-thru.

Instead of sweetener, we added sugar. This wouldn't have been a huge issue to fix and generally, people are level-headed and realize that mistakes do happen. However, he was throwing a hissy fit claiming he was a diabetic and that a spoonful of sugar would have surely killed him had he ingested more than one gulp of the coffee.

Because he was freaking out like a rabid dog, my manager stepped in and offered him any other item on the menu for free (because he wouldn't accept just a redo of the coffee).

Buddy decides he wants a dozen donuts. No problem. I pack up the dozen, hand it to him. He then proceeds to eat not one, not two, but THREE lard-sugar-fat glazed donuts in front of my eyeballs even though he just claimed he was severely diabetic."

An Unreasonable Woman


An Unreasonable Woman

"Lady calls in one day saying that she needs a new radiator. She has it in her car and is on the way to get it replaced. Apparently, the shop she trusts diagnosed it, but we were closer and she really needed to get it done.


My boss, the quick thinking guy that he is, pulled up her info and told her that the radiator install would take 2 1/2 hours, so it was going to be around $250 in labor. She said that was OK and that she'd be at there in around 20 minutes.

Now usually, we were a pretty busy shop, but that day we were deader than a nun's Friday night. So the two head techs flipped a coin to see who was going to get paid, but we were all going to pitch in because we wanted to get this lady in and out and we were bored as heck.

As the lady pulls in, my manager and head tech go out to greet her, and she tosses the keys at them and says, 'Get it done, ASAP!'

So the head tech pulls it in. In an awesome display of teamwork and skill, we take a still steaming radiator and replace it with the brand new one she had, within an hour. So the head tech pulls the car around and we go in with smiling faces to talk to her and thank her for our business and generally be proud of ourselves.

Alas, this was not to be.

The lady was ticked off. Really ticked off. As in she was screaming at our manager about how we cheated her, we screwed her over, and we were gonna get sued by her lawyer husband, etc, etc.

So he, of course, relayed to her, that we were very slow and she expressed a need for urgency. We did our best and had three techs working on her car to get it out as quick as possible. He showed her the old radiator and reminded her that she watched us pull the old radiator out and put the new one in.

She screamed that she wasn't paying any money because we had obviously cheated her on money because we did the job too fast.

My manager, who is normally a very kind and understanding guy, had experienced quite enough of this lady's attitude. He told her that she had to choices:

1) He could call the cops and tell them that she refused to pay for services rendered.

2) (With a devilish smile on his face) Or we could replace the radiator with the old one free of charge.

She decided to take the second option.

As we were sitting just outside the waiting area listening to her wail like a banshee, our manager comes back out and says, 'Hey, you guys want lunch? You know that Chinese place you guys like so much, but it takes forever for them to get you your food? Why don't you guys go there? My treat.'

He hands us a wad of money and tells us to go.

After we left (this is according to him, but I believe him due to her evil glare whenever we came back), he went back in and informed her that all the techs went on their mandatory lunch break and wouldn't be back for an hour.

After we came back, funny enough, it took us two hours to put that old leaky radiator back in."

Trying To Haggle At Macy's

Jana Shea/

Trying To Haggle At Macy's

"I used to work at Macy's. I once had a woman want to buy a $2 plastic junior's bracelet on clearance.

Apparently, it was 'damaged' since one bead was askew. Clearly, that warranted a discount in her stingy eyes. So she tried to barter with me. She said 'how about $1?'

I felt like saying, 'This isn't a garage sale,' but I calmly told her that the best I could do was a 10% damage discount. After a pregnant pause, she defeatedly sighed, 'That's better. She saved a whopping 20 cents. Here's the kicker. She was Canadian and this was in Buffalo. She could drive down from Toronto, pay the tolls, and shop until she dropped, but the financial burden of that plastic bracelet was too heavy to bear without a discount."

The Movie Was Just Too Real


The Movie Was Just Too Real

"The opening of 'Tropic Thunder' had a bunch of fake commercials. Keep this in mind.

One lady came out of the movie, furious, wanting to talk to a manager. Not knowing the problem, and not wishing to get yelled at, we quickly called one over and hid off in a corner where we could hear the conversation (like responsible employees).

Somewhere along the line, we hear something about an offensive commercial for a product that we sell in the concession stand. 'Girls half naked shoving their rear-ends in my face.'

The manager was a little confused and asked her the name of the product. After the woman gave the title, she said, 'I can't believe you'd sponsor such filth to be sold.'

We all burst out laughing."

This Mom Doesn't Even Know Where She Is Calling

This Mom Doesn't Even Know Where She Is Calling

"Just last week, a mom called up and ripped me a new one over the phone. She was claiming the swim lesson teachers somehow didn't have her kids on their class roster on the first day of class, thus we were wasting her time and money and (somehow?) traumatizing her kids.

I checked with the teachers, who informed me that those kids were on the roster, but they hadn't shown up for class.

The second day of class comes and goes and the teachers tell me the two kids didn't show up again.

So, being the semi-decent customer service provider that I am, I take it upon myself to call the woman back and try to figure out what was going on. Turns out, after some investigation, she'd been taking her kids to an entirely different, unaffiliated facility all the way across town.

Now, rather than thank me for taking the time to follow up and make sure her kids didn't lose any more class days, she gets embarrassed and tries to blame my facility and me, claiming it's our fault for 'offering classes too similar' to the other facility and gets mad that we are 'so much farther away' that she can't possibly be expected to actually come to the place SHE registered at (our address is plastered all over our website and all over all of our class schedules, you can't mess that up).

Then she gets mad that I won't refund her money per our very publicly published refund policy (even though she admitted the teachers at the other facility were letting her kids into their swim classes for free, probably to avoid the ire I was now receiving), continuously refusing to admit that she was the one who messed up, despite the fact that I told her we were still holding her kids' spots in the classes.

And don't even get me started on every parent who thinks their five-year-old is the next Michael Phelps"

It Takes Three Cups Of Coffee To Make A Woman Happy


It Takes Three Cups Of Coffee To Make A Woman Happy

"When I worked the drive-thru at McDonald's, we would have someone (a female and her boyfriend) come through almost every night and order a large iced vanilla coffee with extra cream, extra sugar, extra vanilla (I haven't worked at McDonald's for almost a year but I could still remember that order if I saw her face).

We would hand it to her exactly as she ordered it and then two seconds later she would come up and have her boyfriend tell us that it was made wrong.

We would make it again, slightly different. They would come through again and be all pissed off at us so we would make it how we did the first time (aka the correct way). Then they would leave.

It got to the point where as soon as we heard her voice we made up three iced coffees, two to act as decoys, and the third to hand out, all made exactly the same. She didn't keep the other coffees either, we made sure to take those away."

5,000 or 50,000? Same Things When It Comes To Oil Changes, Right?
5,000 or 50,000? Same Things When It Comes To Oil Changes, Right?

"I used to work at a lube oil change franchise, and we had some incredibly stupid people pull in from time to time. My favorite was 'The Chick With the Volvo.'

So, it was a slow day. We didn't have anything going on, and this woman pulls up in a fairly nice Volvo. She pulls up to a bay, we ask her what she wants, and she says an oil change. We get her info, take down the mileage (50,467, I will never forget that number), and pull her car into the bay while my manager talks up the extra services. She gets over the pit, I pop the hood and open the oil cap.

Black, billowing smoke comes out.

I call down to my pit guy and ask him to pop the oil pan. He starts coughing.

Black, billowing smoke comes up from the pit.

I get my boss and tell him we have a problem. He comes out, sees the smoke, and says, 'Don't touch ANYTHING.' He walks back into the office, and I follow out of curiosity. He looks at the customer and says, 'Ma'am, there seems to be a very serious issue with your car. You might want to get hold of whoever did your last oil change and get their info for a warranty claim. Who did your last oil change?'

This lady looks him square in the eye and says, 'Nobody. This is my first scheduled oil change.'

We both stare at her in shock. She'd gone over FIFTY THOUSAND miles without an oil change. My boss stares at her some more while slowly trying to explain that cars are supposed to be serviced every 3k-5k miles. This lady starts screaming at him; who the heck does he think he is, he's not a mechanic (he's Automotive Service Excellence-certified powertrain and electrical), he ruined the car, it even says so in the owner's manual that it's every 50,000 miles.

Well now.

So, we ask her to get the manual. She does, looking all smug, like, 'Now I've got these jerks,' written all over her face. She whips it open, looks for the maintenance schedule, and finds the part we're all waiting for. She's not letting us look at it yet, and we can tell reality hit her because her face falls a bit. Then, she has the nerve to tell us that we're wrong anyway.

My boss looks at her and says, 'Lady, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna pop the cap back on, and leave the FACTORY FILTER on your car. We're going to top off your washer fluid, and we're not going to charge you anything. Then, you can go down to the Volvo dealership and tell them what you did to their $55,000 paperweight, have a nice day. Now get out of my shop.'

The kicker is, we got a call from the dealership a couple of days later and the service writer is laughing his tail off. Says this really mean lady came in and complained that our shop had ruined her car. They took one look at it, figured out what happened, and said they were going to have to charge her for a crate engine.

She complained to the service manager that they weren't going to cover it under warranty!"


"That's Not How It Works"

"A woman bought a white shirt. She then spilled red soda onto the shirt. To fix the stain she used a Tide-to-go pen. She rubbed so hard the stick tore a hole in the fabric. Her husband tried to return it after they stained and tore the garment claiming that it must have been a manufacturing problem. No, sir, that's not how it works."

She Needs A Specific Size


She Needs A Specific Size

"Working at a hardware store, I overheard my manager and a little old ladies conversation an aisle over.

Manager: 'Can I help you, ma'am?"'

Lady: 'I hope so, you're all out of my size of air filter!'

Manager: 'Which size was that ma'am?'

Lady: '10x20'

Manager: 'Let me see here.' The manager looks on the shelf. 'Here you go.' Hands the Lady a 20x10 air filter.

Lady: 'I said I need 10x20!'

The manager keeps quiet, takes back air filter, holds it out in front of him, rotates it 90 degrees, and hands it back to her with a grin.

Lady leaves in silence, with the 20x10."

A Woman's Bad Behavior Is Rewarded

Christy Thompson/

A Woman's Bad Behavior Is Rewarded

"We had a sale on organic cabbage for 85 cents a pound, and a week later a woman came in claiming we had our cabbage on sale for 25 cents a pound but she had been charged 85 cents a pound. I told her it had been on sale for 85 cents a pound but I would call the produce department to find out for sure, and sure enough, it had been on sale for 85 cents a pound, and now it was about $1.79 a pound.

She wouldn't have it.

She threw the biggest complaint fest ever! 'Even if I'm wrong, you should give me a dollar back! The customer is always right!' And I'm just like, what?

My assistant manager overhears her yelling (since the entire store could hear her yelling) and decides to appease her by giving her a dollar and a $10 gift card for her troubles. The assistant manager later tells me that no one should have a bad day over a dollar. You know, unless you're employed by the store.

Awarding bad behavior is ridiculous. I wish everyone would unite and not give in to the ridiculous demands given by terrible customers."

A Scammer Gets Called Out


A Scammer Gets Called Out

"Years ago, I was managing a restaurant and a woman came in complaining that the three prime rib dinners with baked potatoes she ordered the night before were disgusting and made her whole family sick.

The hostess called me over and I verified what she said. I then had to inform the customer that we have never sold prime rib or baked potatoes and I was calling the police.

Never seen someone run that fast in my life."

Screaming Over Pennies

Roman Sinichkin/

Screaming Over Pennies

"I used to work at Mikasa (back when they had actual stores). I'm ringing up a customer and she uses her '20 percent off any one full price item' coupon that they mailed out when you're on the mailing list (the coupon value is important here).

The next woman in line comes up with a $2 item from clearance and demands that I give her a coupon to use. I try to diffuse with, 'If you sign up for the mailing list you'll get them pretty regularly' NO she wants THAT coupon and she wants it NOW for this item. I try to explain that I cannot rescan that coupon (or pull it out of the drawer) AND she can't use it on her purchase anyway since it's a regular price item, not clearance.

She loses it, starts yelling at me that she's going to get me fired and that she'll have everyone in the store out of a job. She was going to have the whole operation shut down over 40 cents. Just let that be known, this is happening because I'm denying her a whopping 40 cents off her $2 purchase.

I try to explain that I can't give her the coupon; I can't I don't have the power to. I'm just a cashier (though I was seriously tempted to just pay for the stupid item myself if it would make her leave).

She is still losing it and her friend is pretending she doesn't know her. My manager comes over and gives the lady the senior discount of 10% knocking a whopping 20 cents off her massive purchase. She smiles smugly at me and goes, 'SEE I always win.'

Okay lady, get down with your bad self, you just accosted a minimum wage employee over 20 cents and look like a crazy person to everyone in a crowded store... Yep, you're the winner here."

Entitled Mom Thinks Everything Is On Her Time


Entitled Mom Thinks Everything Is On Her Time

"I once managed the front desk of a recreational center and this one parent yelled at me for a class starting without their kid.

They were 15 minutes late.

I hate parents..."

A Woman Demands A New Coffee, Takes Old Coffee Anyway
A Woman Demands A New Coffee, Takes Old Coffee Anyway

"Used to work at Starbucks. A lady ordered a mocha and I forgot to add the mocha syrup. A dumb mistake, so I fixed it of course. She put it back on the bar a couple minutes later and said, 'It doesn't taste right, I want a new one.'

Okaaay, I thought, don't know what else I can do, but sure ill make a new one.

I get started on it and she goes to the restroom. She gets back from the restroom before I'm done making it but sees her old drink on the bar that I hadn't taken back yet and thinks it's her new one. She looks at and says, 'Ah, it looks better already!' and takes a big drink and says, 'Now see, that's perfect,' then leaves before I can tell her I didn't do a darn thing."

Parents Don't Care What Their Kids Do Until It Affects Them


Parents Don't Care What Their Kids Do Until It Affects Them

"I used to be a lifeguard. The pool wasn't deep enough to dive anywhere, but some young teenagers thought they were too cool and need not follow the strict, NO DIVING rules.

We catch them and tell them they have to sit out next time they do it. Of course, they think we were stupid and blind and do it again. We pull them out for ten minutes, kindly inform their parents why they are sitting out, and if they do it again, we will kick them out.

Parent: 'Good for you guys. They need to learn their actions have consequences.'

Thank the lord! Somebody is on our side!

Well, ten minutes is up. The first thing these kids do is dive headfirst into the pool.

Lifeguards (to the kids): 'I am going to have to ask you to leave the pool for the day. You dove headfirst into the pool numerous times after we already told you it was against the rules. Next time you come back, please do not dive headfirst into the pool, you could seriously injure yourself and possibly those around you.'

Lifeguards (to the parent): 'I am sorry but your child dove headfirst again, we are going to have to ask you to leave the pool area for the day.'

Parents (yelling): 'Are you kidding me?!!!! I took the time to bring them to here so they could enjoy the pool! You guys are making this up! My kids are good kids! They would never do that! I am never coming here again!'

They came back the very next day."

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