He Was Awake The Whole Time?


He Was Awake The Whole Time?

"I was too poor to have general anesthesia when I had my wisdom teeth out, so I got the laughing gas and novocaine. It wasn't horrible, because I'm not terribly afraid of the dentist anyway, but I remember having the weirdest dream.

Then I woke up to someone coughing repeatedly. Like, is the dentist coughing or something? Then I kept hearing this gurgle and then the cough. I was still pretty out of it, but I heard the dentist say: 'That's too much blood. Oh, he's waking up, turn the gas up again.'That was when I came to the horrifying realization that I was coughing and choking on my own blood, right before I slipped off back into 'la-la land' from the gas.

It's also really really disconcerting to hear your teeth being broken and the pressure on your jaw where they're literally pulling them out of your head."

How Her Dentist Lost His Job
How Her Dentist Lost His Job

"My dentist put me to sleep, as a child. I woke up with a pulling sensation in my jaw and realized he was pulling out a tooth. I had only gone for a check-up, as I had nice baby teeth still. My mouth was full of dangly bits and I was bleeding a lot.

His nurse pushed me into a side room, obviously out of the way of other patients, and told me to wait there.

Ages later, my mother was shown in and I could see from her face that she didn't agree with what she was being told. She especially wasn't too happy, after being informed that I needed a bad tooth pulling. I didn't have any bad teeth!

It transpired that this dentist was later arrested on many charges related to other children having good teeth pulled. He was declared mentally unstable and crossed off the dental register. What a lunatic!"

A Messy Mishap With Her Braces...
A Messy Mishap With Her Braces...

"Well, I was getting braces late in high school and they discovered I still had some baby teeth (my canines). So they pulled out the baby teeth and dug up into my gums to expose the adult canines to attach brackets.

Well when they added the wire to the brackets to pull them down a few weeks later, it hit some sort of blood vessel. Blood just started gushing all over the place. I looked like I had just eaten a live rabbit. They went through tons of gauze and the kids next to me just looked terrified.

They finally got the bleeding to stop and I got up to walk outside. I was two steps outside when my dad told a dad joke. I opened my mouth to laugh. Reopened the gash and started gushing blood again. Turned around and walked right back in."

The Masks Couldn't Protect This Dental Assistant
The Masks Couldn't Protect This Dental Assistant

"I'm a dental assistant and we had a lady in her 60's come in one day. It was literally her first dental visit.

She was in pain so I took a couple of x-rays of the area of concern. She said: 'My lower teeth are hurting me.' Upon taking X-rays I realized she was partially missing two of her lower front teeth. It was calculus (build up) from 60 years. To make things worse, the stench was awful and she had a ton of perfume on. We had to double mask to be in same room.

After cleaning, she starts yelling at us. She thought we pulled her teeth out. But in reality, her two front teeth were only root tips, which she got them pulled out after a couple of weeks later.

Another story: Two years ago, on a hot summer day the AC broke down and the office was super hot. A patient came for his regular check-up. This particular patient was foreign and had a very strong body odor, mixed his ethnic food smell. Additionally, his mouth breath was on another level.

While waiting for the dentist he stretches his arms for 20-30 mins. Every time he raises his arms we can see his ripped shirt from armpit area. From the horror of armpits hair and body odor, it was all just too unbearable. I end up throwing up."

There Are Dangers When It Comes To Getting A New Dentist!

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There Are Dangers When It Comes To Getting A New Dentist!

"I went in to get an abscessed molar pulled. New dentist (yep, off to a bad start) numbs me up and starts going all gung-ho on the tooth - but he can't get a good grip, and every time he tries to rock it, he cracks a piece off, making it that much harder to hold onto.

The first Novocaine shot doesn't take all the way, so I'm getting injected multiple times as he's flailing around in my mouth. He gets fed up and decides to drill in to create an anchor point or something. Cracks the tooth wholly in half. Still can't get it out, still breaking pieces off.

We pass the two-hour mark, I'm in tears and tensing up every time he leans back toward me.

The dentist who's usually there passes through on his lunch break. The new dentist calls him over, and he immediately puts a stop to this mess to re-numb me (again) and takes an x-ray to see what the heck is going on down below.

Turns out the roots of my molar are shaped like a fish hook, and that's why the tooth is proving so difficult to move. Old dentist kicks the new dentist out of the way and slaps on some gloves instead of heading back to lunch and subsequently breaks the tooth AGAIN into quads. With a good grip and a slow, steady rocking, he's able to pull each piece out. All in all, it took just over three hours of pain in that chair.

Couple days later? Dry socket. I hated my life."

The Patient With The Broccoli Obsession...
The Patient With The Broccoli Obsession...

"I'm a dental assistant and a couple of months back, we had a patient come in telling us about how much he loved his new floss sticks. He mentioned how he'd been brushing twice a day, etc.

The appointment for him was just a general scale and clean.

So the dentist has the ultrasonic scaler and we're doing the rounds and we come to this MASSIVE food pack. Food has started packing between two teeth and had caused a cavity, pretty typical. As she went in to start clearing this food pack, it became apparent that the hole was a lot bigger than we thought. And it was completely full of broccoli! You know the tiny little flowery heads? Full of that. And it smelt exactly as you'd imagine. Broccoli doesn't have the best smell in general, but when it's been rotting in someone's mouth for who knows how long, it's gag-worthy.

Another patient we had hadn't seen the dentist in several years. We see it constantly. He was a smoker and had the worst calculus build-up I've seen. Sub-gingivally, the calculus was BLACK and smelt just like stale smokes. You know the smell of a damp ashtray that's been left outside? Yeah, that. He had an advanced periodontal disease and his lower anteriors were so loose, the dentist was worried about them falling out during the clean. This led to him looking at dentures in his 20s. Brush and floss, kids!"

The Vivid Nightmare He Had During Surgery

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The Vivid Nightmare He Had During Surgery

"A few years back I went to get my wisdom teeth removed due to abscess.

I paid the 500 dollar fee for the shot they give you to be knocked out because I also can't stand the drilling sound and needles in my mouth and all that.

When they put me under for surgery, I had an extremely vivid dream that felt like it lasted a year. A YEAR. I remember chaos happening everywhere from chemical warfare, fighting through crowds for escape, sleeping in abandoned houses, grocery stores, dumpsters, blown up cars, etc. I remember hysterically crying when I found my mother had died from a burning building, my father taking his own life, and my girlfriend being murdered by looters. I remember running for days and days, trying to bunker down for shelter and safety. I remember killing countless people in self-defense and war. It was more than tragic, it was a mental nightmare.

When I awoke, I was so confused where I was, and when I saw my mom I launched out of the chair and ran to her screaming and crying. She was so confused and very worried. I kept saying: 'You're alive! you're alive!' I was just lost in emotion.

I was asleep for surgery only 32 minutes, and it will be the longest half hour of my entire life.

I look back today and it's just interesting now, but it still feels like it was real and I can remember almost all of it - 0/10 would not recommend."

Consequences Of Waiting Too Long To Get A Procedure Done
Consequences Of Waiting Too Long To Get A Procedure Done

"Personal horror story.

My mom and fiancé have both told me stories of dentists performing root canals when their tooth was infected. They both told me it was the worst pain of their life because the freezing wouldn't take. Plus I have been worked on where freezing didn't take a couple times. Thus, I have always been paranoid and I don't trust dentists until I am familiar with them.

Last year I got a nasty infection. One Friday night my tooth started to throb a sharp, constant ache. I didn't sleep the whole night because the pain was incessant so I decided to go to the emergency dentist to get some antibiotics to clear it. He said he could open it up, but I refused. I did so because, despite what he said, I thought freezing wouldn't take.

So I got some antibiotics that day and the next few days were absolutely TERRIBLE. I was in constant sharp pain. So I decided to book an appointment with my endodontist on a Wednesday. I saw the new dentist for something else on Monday. He too offered to open it up. I declined for the same reason.

By Wednesday, the pain hadn't stopped and my face was swollen. An hour before my appointment, I lifted my lip and saw there was extensive swelling over my tooth that was now open and bubbling out some gross stuff. So much pressure and pain I thought my head would explode.

The Endodontist opened it and it was painless. I felt very dumb for waiting that out."

An Emotional And Confusing Day For The Hygienist...
An Emotional And Confusing Day For The Hygienist...

"I'm a dental hygienist and I had a patient once, who was a Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair, with limited use of his legs. He also has several other physical and mental health complications, including PTSD.

He was apologizing for having just eaten a sandwich but in all honesty, I don't think he ever brushed his teeth, not unheard of for people with debilitating mental illnesses. There were layers of the plaque so thick, I had to use a toothbrush for about 15 minutes before my instruments could really do anything useful. He had 6 teeth left and said he just wanted them all 'ripped out'.

He began telling me that he was considering taking his life the night before. He started to cry and I tried to calm and soothe him.

We were in a hospital setting and as I helped him as he was leaving, a nurse came by and told me not to let him scam me. It was something he apparently did all the time? It was very emotional and overwhelming experience overall."

She Was Taken To The Emergency Room?
She Was Taken To The Emergency Room?

"I had told my dentist that I was having persistent pain and showed him where. He said it was fine and sent me packing, even though I kept insisting something was wrong. This was a Friday.

Saturday, I had plans to go to a friend's place for a small get-together with grilling and Wii. It was late evening when the pain suddenly became unbearable. I was taken to the emergency room, where they forgot about me in the room for 4 hours while I kept ice water swishing around in my mouth to numb the pain all night.

When they finally came in, they said: 'Oops, we forgot about you in here!' They gave me a shot of Dilaudid in my butt and sent me on my way home. The shot didn't kill all of the pain, it just made me delirious.

In the morning on Sunday, we decided to go to an emergency dentist. The dentist said it was my tooth and I needed a root canal now. Cue procedure! They said it needed to be left open to breathe and I should go to my dentist when they were open.

My dentist was so incredibly kind to squeeze me into his busy schedule and waive the 'emergency fee' (yes, it's dripping with sarcasm). If he would have taken me seriously in the first place, I wouldn't have been thrust into thousands of extra dollars in debt; his benevolence in penciling me in, sure was inspiring.

He then proceeded to become angry with the emergency dentist saying that leaving it open was terrible and how dangerous that can be. He cleaned out and finished the work and made sure to never call me again for that crown he said he'd call me about.

I like to think he was ashamed of himself and couldn't face me after his monumental failure."

A Scarring Moment For A Kid To Witness...
A Scarring Moment For A Kid To Witness...

"Around 8 or 9 years old, I went to the dentist to remove my 2 baby canines to make room for the 2 that would grow in crooked should I not get the procedure.

The oral surgeon numbs me up adequately, or so I thought. He then extracts one tooth after a bit of wiggling and jostling and it came out fairly easily, with only slight pain. I thought, 'Man, this is going to be a breeze.' Boy, was I wrong!

The second tooth was not as loose as the first. In fact, it was still attached to my jaw. To my youthful horror, I watched as the oral surgeon climbed on top of the table, straddling me, pulling and tugging on this tooth. I felt searing pain shoot through my bone, and I heard harsh cracks as I physically felt the tooth break away. Tears were rolling down my cheeks at this point, and the oral surgeon soon saw, panicked, and applied more of the numbing solution. Finally, the tooth broke free, and I breathed a stinging, throbbing sigh of relief.

After all of this, the man has the audacity to give me chocolate ice cream as a farewell gift. I sat, limp-lipped, looking as if I was one of those cleaning fish on the side of the aquarium walls while I tried to slurp on this chocolate mush, which ended up all over my clothes. Yeah, I didn't want any sort of doctor sticking tools in my mouth, soon after that."

Not What You Want To Hear Your Dentist Say...
Not What You Want To Hear Your Dentist Say...

"I went to the dentist to get a chipped tooth fixed, and I told them before I went in that it's gonna need fixing.

So I go in and wait in the waiting room for a solid 20 minutes. Then when I finally get to go back, the dentist looks at my teeth for like 2 minutes, then says: 'Yep, those need to be fixed.'

I reply in a sarcastic tone: 'Really, are you sure?'

Him: 'Yep'

Me: 'Well, are you gonna fix them?'

Him: 'Oh no, you'll have to make another appointment for that.'

Then when I go back to the dentist to get the tooth fixed, they have a nurse in there who was obviously new and didn't have a freakin' clue what she was doing. They decide to fill the tooth with that weird plastic stuff that they gotta shine the light on to harden.

So they get it filled and the nurse shines the light on it, for what she thinks is long enough. So the dentist goes to take the mold out and the filling comes out with it, cause the freakin' nurse didn't shine the light on it enough. Luckily I was numbed up, anyway (cause I got a couple cavities filled too). But there is nothing scarier than when you have a doctor with tools in your mouth and says: 'Oh no!'

Needless to say, I didn't go back after that. I actually I haven't been to any dentist since then."

She Screamed So Much From The Pain!
She Screamed So Much From The Pain!

"So I broke a part of my tooth off from eating too many cough drops from when I had a cold. I went to the dentist and they gave me two options. The first option: We fill it up and hope for the best. The second option: We do a root canal, that way nothing could go wrong in the future

So I chose the root canal, family and friends told me it should go fine. A little painful but you should be okay overall.

The day comes and they get the anesthetic and numb me but the anesthetic doesn't do much. I feel a lot of what they're doing to me, so they add more anesthetic. Then the drill reaches the nerve and I jump and near enough scream. The dentist and her assistant are both looking terrified at one another, they quickly fill up my mouth and practically throw me out the door. I remember going to the job center, afterward, to explain why I am late and why I am drooling from one side of my face.

I will say if you ever want to torture someone, go for their teeth! There are just so many nerves that lead to so much pain.

Later that very filling fell out on vacation, exposing the nerve. The pain!"

The Numbing Injection Didn’t Work!
The Numbing Injection Didn’t Work!

"I went to have my wisdom teeth removed (all 4 of them). It was a regular procedure for a dental surgeon, you know, inject some anesthetic and massage it in, so it distributes correctly. And definitely make sure that the patient can feel their mouth going numb.

So the first two molars are broken down and extracted without any issues. I was kind of fascinated as I didn't feel a thing, only a couple of tugging sensations on my jaw, besides having an adult male shoving his hands up my mouth.

So, next up are my right molars - he injects the anesthetic and we wait. I can feel how it didn't completely work, as I don't feel as numb as before. So I tell the surgeon: 'That's odd,' then he proceeds to inject another dose. But this time he doesn't wait for it to effect, he straight up begins the procedure.

Then the surgeon says: 'Raise your hand if you start to feel pain.' He starts attempting to obliterate my tooth, and I can feel every movement he makes: pushing, drilling, twisting, and trying to snap my tooth in half. I raise my hand, indicating that I'm in pain. He says: 'Oh, we're almost over.' So the procedure continues, with me being mostly aware of what's going on in my mouth, sweating, shaking and tearing up from the pain of my tooth being obliterated.

I've never been in so much pain in my entire life. Quite the experience, I must say."

The Dentist Didn’t Listen To Any Requests!
The Dentist Didn’t Listen To Any Requests!

"The last time I went to the dentist, it was just before I turned 21 and aged out of Medicare coverage.

I needed two cavities drilled and filled, and I wanted the wire taken off my bottom teeth (it was glued to the back of my teeth after my braces were taken off). I specifically requested that they give me the gas instead of an injection because I can't stand needles in my mouth. I qualified for the gas completely--I had a ride home and no obligations for the minimum six hours afterward. And I was old enough and healthy enough for it, so my insurance covered it.

The old fart who worked on me completely disregarded all of my wishes. He tried to stick a needle in my mouth, and when I couldn't open up for it he just continued without any anesthetic at all. He failed to completely clean out one of the cavities because I was flinching so hard, but he filled it anyway.

A year later, that filling cracked/came loose and fell out. It's now extremely sensitive to sugar to the point that eating donuts feel like getting a knitting needle stabbed into my jaw. And then he didn't take the wire off.

I'm still stuck with the freakin' thing over 6 years later. Several times a year I either get cut or rubbed raw on the tip of my tongue and there's nothing I can do about it.

I don't know whether I was treated this way because I was young, or female, or on Medicare, or too unsure of myself to insist on the requested treatment. Whatever the case, it really made me mad. I have a hard time trusting any dentist now (and most doctors, for the same reasons)."

She Was Just Trying To Enjoy Her Vacation
She Was Just Trying To Enjoy Her Vacation

"I was on a camping holiday in France with my family. My tooth had been hurting all week long, but I'd been trying to hide it from my parents because I'm terrified on the dentist.

Eventually, my parents see me holding back tears trying to eat ice cream and take me to a local emergency dentist (thanks, EU). Because I am a huge wuss, my dad comes in to hold my hand and my mom waits in the waiting room, despite her being fluent in French and my dad who was not fluent in French.

After the examination, the dentist explains to my dad that I'll need a filling, and it'll be relatively quick and easy. Somehow in my dad's brain, this translates to 'her tooth needs pulling out'. He relays this information to me and I promptly lose it, standing up on the chair and screaming. My mom comes running in and takes in the scene, her face was a picture.

Somehow I was talked down, my mom gave a proper translation, and within 20 minutes I was happily running around France again and my dad was in the doghouse for the rest of the trip."

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