Two Men Fighting Like Children
Two Men Fighting Like Children

"I was shopping at Costco one crowded Sunday and they were giving out samples of clam chowder in little paper cups. I guess two men arrived at the sample table at the same time when there was only one sample left, and one of the men grabbed the clam chowder before the other one could get his hands on it. An argument ensued, which turned into a bit of light shoving and ended with the man with the clam chowder throwing it into the other man's face. These were two grown men with their wives by their sides trying to calm them down, having a full-blown playground fight in the middle of Costco. There were children watching. You could hear parents telling their little ones that 'you should never act like this, these men are making very bad choices.'

Since then, I've always reminded myself to be kind and considerate to strangers. Let them have the last sample or the parking spot you both saw at the same time. After all, you never know whose life has reached a point where they're an ounce of clam chowder away from punching you in the face."

A Dad Loses Control On A Roadtrip
A Dad Loses Control On A Roadtrip

"My dad's meltdown when I was 10. We had been on vacation, and one thing about vacations (and holidays): my dad wasn't happy, he ruined them all, but this time was the worst though. We came back from a week of fishing, and someone cut my dad off. That was the beginning of the end of this story. He chased the guy, driving in and out and traffic to ensure the guy didn't get away, and the while screaming and driving recklessly. This goes on for over TEN MILES. The guy got off an exit, just so happens it was our exit as well. My dad follows this guy to a grocery store a few miles down. After the guy parks, my dad blocks his car in. And I'll never ever forget what happened next. My dad, this hardworking guy who never showed a seriously mental anger (I've been hit, but I typically deserved it) pulls out a switchblade and gets out. He says to the guy 'You put my kids in danger. You want to die today?' Me and my sister are pooping bricks at this point. The guy responded, 'I'm sorry I cut you off, but hunting me down is much more dangerous to your children than what I did.' My dad's response really messed me up: He screamed at the top of his lungs, with spit flying and eyes red, 'I'm gonna cut your skin off and make a body bag for you with it.' At this point the guys freaking, people are watching. The guy said 'Look I'm sorry please, don't do this, not in front of your kids.' Well, mentioning his kids again didn't help. My dad got in his face and told him, 'I'll remember your face. Next time we meet you're going to regret it.' He spit straight in his face, got back in the car, and yelled at me about the importance of standing up for your family."

Rental Car Disaster
Rental Car Disaster

"Context: I worked at a car rental place at a major airport.

One night right before close, a guy in probably his mid-forties, wearing a shirt and tie, pulled his rental car in to return it. No big deal, returns and shuttling to hotels was mostly what we did that late since it was after the last big flight of the evening.

This part is important: We had two 'driveway' type paved areas: the exit, where there was a guy in a booth who would check your car with your contract and lift the gate so you could leave, and the entrance, which had one-way spikes, two lit up signs that said 'DO NOT ENTER' facing our lot, and bright red spinning lights on the top of the sign.

Anyway. The guy pulls in the one-way entrance, the right way, and parks his car in the return lane. He hands his contract to the service agent who looks down at the contract and says something along the lines of, 'hey man, this isn't our car, it needs to go to [competitor].'

The guy argues with him for awhile, saying 'no, I'm sure I rented from right here. I remember the fences,' (A note about the fences: All rental car places at our airport had identical fences because the airport itself was responsible for sidewalks and fencing).

The guy finally seems to see that his contract has a logo that is different from the logo on our signage, and gets that kind of angry people get when they know they've been an idiot and they don't have it in them to just say, 'Oh I feel dumb, sorry.' He throws his luggage back in the car, slams the doors, and then peels out to make a big wide U-turn in our service lot.

He then proceeds to drive out the entrance to the lot, at about 30 mph, right over the one-way spikes, the wrong way. At least two of his tires deflate. He gets out, stomps over to the service agent, and screams at him 'WHY WOULD YOU NOT STOP ME? IS THIS FUNNY TO YOU??' and just has basically a toddler tantrum in the lot. He tears up his contract in his rage, then throws the fragments all over the lot. He marches back and forth under the awning, screaming abuse at the service agent, at me, at the tires, at the one-way spikes. It felt like it went on for an hour, but really it was probably only about ten minutes. That's a long time to watch a grown man throw a tantrum, though.

I called our competitor, at least in part to warn them, and they sent over one of their tow trucks and a car to give the guy a ride. He was still shouting as they drove away."

The Bullied Takes Out The Bullies
The Bullied Takes Out The Bullies

"A major meltdown was how I met one of my closest friends.

I was in high school and a new girl started halfway through the school year. I've no idea why, but from the first time she opened her mouth, the rest of the girls in her year (she was three years below me) were on her like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat.

It was absolutely relentless. They tormented this girl 24/7. It didn't matter what she did, they'd find something to rip into her for. She was just a sweet, quiet kinda nerdy girl who'd been targeted for no reason. She was the only Asian in the school, so she also faced a lot of racism.

Well, one lunchtime, she was sitting on her own in the cafeteria, when the League of Teenage Jerks decided that they wouldn't stand for the new girl silently eating her food, so they walked over and knocked her drink over. She didn't react and just carried on reading. So another leaned over and spat in her food. Again, no reaction. So the one who'd knocked her drink over snatched the book out of her hand, said something about 'nerd stuff,' and tore a bunch of pages out.

The girl, without saying a word, sits perfectly still for a moment, takes her glasses off, calmly stands up...then grabs her tray and just bashes the ever living snot out of the book-tearer. The others just stood frozen in shock, so she drops to her knees and just starts beating the snot out of the girl she KO'd, screaming a torrent of four-letter words the whole time. Despite being about 5"2 and 90lbs soaking wet, it took three teachers to drag her off, and even when they had her, it didn't stop her kicking one of the bully's front teeth out.

She was nearly expelled but got away with a couple of weeks' suspension...I was a goody-goody in high school and spoke up for her to the head of school, explaining how she'd been bullied for weeks.

Happy Ending: A few days after she got back I found her alone behind the gym crying to herself (the physical bullying had stopped, but that didn't stop the same girls who pushed her to it from calling her psycho at every opportunity). So, I told her what she did was awesome and told her about when I was being bullied in elementary school and wished I'd had the balls to do the same thing. I also told her she was welcome to hang out with me and my friends whenever she wanted, which she did (she also totally owned the nickname psycho, which we all insisted on calling her as a matter of pride).

We've been friends ever since, and even though she moved to Germany about 5 years ago, we still keep in touch."

The Breaking Point
The Breaking Point

"This was my own meltdown, and it was so slow and painful. It started when my ex and I would fight daily over stupid insignificant stuff. But we had a don't go to bed angry rule, so we made up for the evening without any resolution. But did I have the balls to leave? No way.

So I'd get up and go to work. Oh, my coworker is stealing sales from me and I'm losing hundreds in commissions a day. Do I speak up? No, because everyone else in the place is all buddy-buddy and probably won't do anything about it anyway.

One particular day, not even one of the bad ones, a guy cut me off in traffic. I didn't beep, didn't yell or scream, nothing. He turned around and gave me the finger anyway. I parked the car at work, got out, went into the office and cleared off my desk. My boss asked me what I was doing and I said I was done. Just kept saying I'm done over and over again.

I got in the car and drove back to my apartment where my ex was sleeping. I packed all of the stuff up, everything necessary for me and everything she had. Loaded up the car and woke her up.

I told her to get in and she asked what was going on. I said I was done. For 4 hours she yelled and screamed and cried and begged me to give her an answer as to why I was doing this.

I said nothing, I felt nothing, I just kept driving. No bathroom breaks, one gas break. I pulled into her father's driveway and got everything out of the car.

Told her to lose my number. Got back in the car and drove 2 hours to my family shore house. On the way there I picked up some frozen dinners and 4 or 5 bottles of Jack.

For a week I drank and cried and slept all day. I didn't shave or shower, I didn't care, I just had completely lost it.

I decided to try to keep busy and I couldn't. Tried to mow the lawn and a stump messed up the blades of the mower so I tore the yard to shreds., ripped up all the grass and dug the stump out.

Sat in the dirt and cried for 2 hours. I then went out and bought a ton of stone and laid down a patio, got myself cleaned up and called my family. They came down and we had a nice little get together. I decided that day to start over. Stayed there and got a job at a bar. Met a girl, fell in love and now I'm a happier person. But that day that I got cut off in traffic I genuinely believe I hit my breaking point and the old me died."

This Guy Has Just Had Enough!
This Guy Has Just Had Enough!

"So, I was in the Air Force many years ago. When I got out and came back home, I started dating a girl who was 6 years older than I. We had been seeing each other for a few months when she said that her best friend from high school is coming through with her husband and their children to visit and wanted to know if I wanted to come over. She mentioned that her friend's husband was in the Air Force at that time and we would have tons to talk about, so I go. For this story, we will call this guy 'John.'

I get to her house and the guy is outside, putting something in the trunk of his car. I walk up and say,

'Hey man, you must be John?'

John: 'Yeah, cool.'

Me: 'So, where are you stationed?'

John: 'Florida.'

John never turns around and just walks into the house. I follow him in.

I'm sitting next to my girlfriend. Also, there is my girlfriend's 2-year-old son, my GF's mom, two other friends and the Air Force guy, his wife and two kids.

Everyone is talking and having a good time and John is sitting in the kitchen by himself. He keeps looking at his wife like he's ready to leave. Every time his wife looks over, he points at his watch, or towards the door.

So, my GF's mom says,

'Hey John, why don't you come join in on the fun?'

John: 'Oh no, I'm good here.'

GF mom: 'Look, we have an empty seat here...'

Then, John stands up, walks around the kitchen table where he was sitting and says,


Everyone is stunned. The only kids there were his two kids and my GF's one son. The wife packs the kids up and off they go.

My GF looks at me and said 'Why didn't you try to talk to John at all? All you did was just sit there...'"

A Shopper Loses It On An Innocent Cashier
A Shopper Loses It On An Innocent Cashier

"I went to TJ Maxx a few months ago with my grandmother and upon walking into the store, a lady at the checkout launched into a very angry rant at the cashier because when she said, 'Have a nice day,' the cashier didn't say it back. She called this poor cashier every name in the book and started shouting racist things at the top of her lungs. Then, as the manager asked her to leave she started screaming at her that this was 'America' and it was her constitutional right to be at TJ Maxx and hunt for bargains. Even though the lady had already checked out, she stalked back to the aisles and picked out clothes to try on and when the attendant wouldn't allow her in the dressing room, she went into the home goods area and started trying on clothes there all while periodically screaming 'WITCH' so that everyone could hear. The woman only left the store after another customer walked by her trying things on in the aisle and told her that the shirt she was trying on looked awful on her and that it matched her evil soul. The crazy lady then started crying and ran out. It was an eventful day at TJ Maxx."

A Spoiled Brat
A Spoiled Brat

"My girlfriend was due for her first tattoo, and I decided to go watch the meltdown first hand. It was a totally different experience.

In the waiting room with us, there was a group of women and girls. They were two separate families though, one mom for two girls, and one of the girls was getting her second ear piercing, and another was getting her first ear piercing. Keep in mind that these girls are roughly 6-8 years old, 10 at the most.

So the girl who's getting her first piercing goes in and comes out super easy, not a tear on her face, which was pretty amazing. But then, the second girl goes in.

This girl was pretty small, she had very small ears, and she had huge earrings in that cover her extremely small earlobes. She wanted her doubles done and would have to take out those earrings in order to do so. After hearing this, she went absolutely berserk.

She was crying, screaming, and throwing hands at not only the artist but also her mom and her friend's mom just because she couldn't get her doubles done and still leave in her current earrings. Not only this, but she was cussing out the tattoo artist because she couldn't get what she wanted. I vaguely remember her smacking her mom and saying 'You stupid piece of dung!' And just after this meltdown, her mom and her friend's mom took her out of the parlor while telling her that she was still going to get ice cream and a new Victoria's Secret jacket if she calmed down."

A Movie Theater Meltdown
A Movie Theater Meltdown

"At my local AMC, I was buying tickets and noticed the employee staring opposite me. That's when I heard the screaming.

There was an early 20s girl, in Ugg boots, screaming as loud as she can. This theater is a huge one - multiple floors, maybe 30 screens - so the noise is reverberating. She was standing at the ticket checker, who was not letting her in because she didn't have a ticket.

The teenage ticket checker couldn't care less. The girl shrieks some sob story that her boyfriend is inside and he needs to let her in and he also has her car keys so she can't leave and wah wah wah. The cop there working security comes over to defuse the situation, and she keeps screaming.

Alas, the cop didn't have any of that nonsense. She didn't get arrested, but he did force her out of the theater, all the while ranting how unfair it is that she needs a ticket.

Now, our movie didn't start for half an hour so we went across the street to get a drink while we wait. She was standing at the front doors harassing everyone who walked in, whining about how this theater has desecrated her family grave or some weird nonsense."

When You Take Pub Trivia Way Too Seriously
When You Take Pub Trivia Way Too Seriously

"I did pub trivia with a group and during one of the rounds they passed out those blurry, photocopied sheets of famous movie characters. We were supposed to list the film in which each appeared.

When the C-3PO one popped up, we all simultaneously shouted out Star Wars but the resident cinephile in the group insisted it was actually Maria, from 'Metropolis.' We relented, mainly because none of us really gave a hoot and we were just playing for fun.

When the host announced it was, in fact, C-3PO, the guy went off and declared that answer 'utter nonsense.' We got him to simmer down for a little bit but when we lost those 3rd place mugs by one point at the end of the night, well, that's when things really turned sour.

He pulled up images of Maria on his smartphone, showed them to the host then declared even if that was technically C-3PO in the picture, Lucas had totally ripped off Metropolis so he was technically right. One of the bros on the third place team offered him their mug but he refused on 'principle.' Eventually, all his jerk moves got him a free meal voucher from the pub but we all agreed to ban him from the group after that display."

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

"I used to work at a factory (in a predominantly white area) that hired temps. We ended up having to put this absolutely ditzy blonde girl between these two black guys on a three-person machine. Being the vacant ball of stupid this girl was, she thought it would be a good idea to play her 'black people music' for them on her stereo. This playlist consisted of three Nicki Minaj songs that she played over and over for all eight hours of the work day. Every break these guys would be holding their heads in their hands, saying 'I can't take it anymore' like bees in a trap.

By day three one of the guys just snapped. He started screaming and throwing stuff and berating the girl, making her cry. The supervisor had to get involved and the kid started throwing punches at him and threatening to 'shoot the place up.' It took a lot of force to get him out of the building."

Makeover Madness
Makeover Madness

"A sort of friend decided to start selling Mary Kay (makeup pyramid scheme type deal, for those that don't know). Anyways, so there's a little contest or some stupid nonsense that she asks me to compete in it with her. She's convinced that she will win and get all her makeup back that she used in the makeovers for the contest.

So we get to the contest and there are boards at the back with everybody's before and after photos, and everybody goes and votes for who they think had the best makeover. Now, there was this woman there that was, well, ugly as all get out, to put it bluntly. None of us cared about this stupid thing anyway, so we all voted for this woman, except my 'friend.' She starts demanding that I go change my vote to her, and when I refuse SHE gets up and goes and moves a bunch of votes over to HER OWN picture!

The other woman still ended up winning and got quite a few nice gifts (a bunch of makeup, some gift cards, and a Coach purse). But that didn't stop my 'friend.' She stood up and started screaming that they had cheated and that she should've won, she had more votes, they intentionally let the other woman win even though she had more votes, blah blah blah. They actually bring the boards over to her and count the votes in front of her to prove that they didn't miscount. She then storms out in a huff and waits for everybody to leave so she can talk to the director, which sucks for me because she gave me a ride to this stupid thing, so I had to wait for her."

Anger From A Germ-Hating Burrito Eater
Anger From A Germ-Hating Burrito Eater

"My older brothers are identical twins, and germaphobes. That's important to know. I'll call them Brian and Chad.

Brian goes to Chipotle to pick up food for both of them and they get slightly different things in their burrito. Brian comes home with the food and Chad opens the bag to find Brian forgot to tell them to label the burritos. He flips out and starts berating him. Brian opens up one of the burritos to see if it's his to end the shouting, but as luck would have it, he opened Chad's burrito. Chad refuses to eat the burrito now that Brian has touched it with his fingers, and picks up Brian's still-wrapped burrito and throws it full steam at the wall.

The sound of a Chipotle burrito hitting wall sounds exactly like what you think it does."

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