Guess He Should’ve Been More Athletic In College?
Guess He Should’ve Been More Athletic In College?

"I walked into the front lobby where there was top 40 music blasting from a speaker. When I got called to the back office, each office had its own speakers...each blasting different music. The office I finally sat down in, to have my interview, had glass walls so I could hear 8-10 different song being played at once.

I was applying for a job where I had 2-3 years of experience in the field and elaborated on my previous work. The interviewer then asked me which sports I played in college. I told him I didn't and he dropped my resume down, looked me dead in the eye, and said: 'Then what could you know about teamwork?'

I was caught off guard for a moment, then quickly recovered with an answer about working in teams in other ways (I had been on a newspaper staff since high school and all the way through college) but he didn't care. He literally threw my resume in the trash in front of me and then said: 'You know your way out,' and pointed at the door.

The position was in no way sports-related - it was a technology marketing role."

Security Took Her Away!
Security Took Her Away!

"While interviewing candidates for a technical support position, I get this one lady that had a great resume.

I brought her in for the interview and asked her a few technical questions. Her first answer was: 'I don't like working with computers, I was an operator for such and such a company for over 11 years.' I said: 'If you don't like computers, then you're not a viable candidate for the job. Sorry, we don't need to proceed any further.' And she started hysterically crying and wouldn't stop. I tried comforting her and encouraging her to look for a job that would better fit her. Then she started cursing and yelling at me that I was discriminating against her because of her age (she was maybe a year or two older than me).

I wound up calling security and had them remove her from my office, forcefully. They took her photo and told her never to enter the building again or she would be arrested. Sometimes interviews go really really bad."

Possible Love Life Drama Happening In Her Life?

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Possible Love Life Drama Happening In Her Life?

"I was interviewing for a graphic designer position at a small local shop. The interviewer asked me out of nowhere: 'What do you think of people who use the term 'partner' instead of boyfriend or girlfriend?' Um...What in the actual, genuine heck does that have to do with graphic design?

I believe my response was something along the lines of: 'Well, I don't personally use that term, but I have absolutely no problem with anyone else doing so. Everyone is entitled to call their significant other whatever they both decide is fitting.'The interviewer said: 'Sure, sure. I was just curious.'

The lady might have had some weird relationship issues going on..."

Awkward Eye Commands For The Blue Man Group Audition
Awkward Eye Commands For The Blue Man Group Audition

"I tried out for the Blue Man Group.

The interview/audition was split into two part: Drumming and then the basic interview, which I did well enough to move to the second stage, and then the 'acting' part.

So I drove to Orlando the second day, not really sure what to expect, but excited I made it past the first audition. So they call me into an auditorium that seats about 150, and it's totally empty. I'm politely directed to go up on the stage. So, I am standing up on the stage trying to find a place to look to shade my eyes from the 400,000-watt spotlights on my face. After about 10 minutes, the panel of judges came into the front of the seating area and sat down. What was weird was, I didn't hear a door shut or anything, it's like they were in a dark back corner just judging me by the way I stood confused and bored.

The main judge says, quietly but confidently, 'We want you to perform a scene, but with only your eyes. You can't move your legs, arms, mouth or anything, just move the eyes.'

The scene: Pretend you're a child alone on a playground, so I start trying to look around like I am having fun and the judge says, 'Now there's a stranger coming after you.' Feeling totally out of place, and like I was getting punked, I tried to do it anyway because that would be a ridiculously awesome job, and me being bald at 30 wouldn't be all for naught. Needless to say, they were not impressed.

They decided to up the challenge. The voice gets louder, 'This person is not a good person, he wants to attack you...' At this point, I was already committed and gave it my best, whatever the best of acting like a child being chased by an attacker with only your eyes is. This went on for at least 5 minutes of furling my brow and frantically moving my eyes until I hear the judges mumble to each other and a different voice than before says, 'We'll call you, please send in the next performer.'"

Mentioning Her Son’s Arrest?
Mentioning Her Son’s Arrest?

"About 8 or 9 years ago, I had an interview fresh out of college. I had it at this company who wrote software for cash registers. Throughout the interview, the owner (a woman in her mid-forties) was very outspoken and didn't mind finishing my sentences. She also didn't mind saying what I would want or was thinking, without me giving off any indication for her to make these extrapolations. In other words: she seemed strong-willed and very rigid in her ways. I went with it, being far shyer than I am now and eager to come across as a professional (which you're not one year out of college).

We're about two-thirds into the interview when the phone rings. She picks up and her demeanor changes. It seems like a bad phone call so I'm bracing myself for having to deal with a sudden death in the family or whatever and am pondering how I'm going to respond to her probable emotional reaction. She eventually hangs up, sits down with a flabbergasted look on her face, and just blurts out: 'My son's just been arrested for assault!' This is the point where most people, myself included, would reply in shock and not really know what to say. Her response was rather...fluid. Her rigidness disappeared immediately; 'He was just going through his training at a local bar and slapped some woman on her butt. Who cares? Boys do that! Haven't you? I mean, come on, who presses charges for that? It was just a slap! THAT WITCH!'

It should be noted that I did try to say 'well, actually,' but she just kept talking. She tried to regain her composure, ended the interview as professionally as she could and five minutes later I was outside.

Approval of assault aside, I had a bit of a bad gut feeling with the place and decided not to continue with it. Fast forward three years later and they're in the news with arrests being made. Apparently, writing tax fraud algorithms into your software is rather frowned upon by the justice department."

The 'Mansplaining' Interviewee


The 'Mansplaining' Interviewee

"Let me set the scene: Two women, one in her early thirties, one in her late twenties, in professional work clothes, arrive to interview with a 40-50-year-old man. The ladies introduce themselves as the technical leads for their respective teams and describe the positions available that require knowledge of a programming language and some system administration experience.

The interview began with us asking basic questions and the answers were good. When we moved on to more specific and technical questions, the guy kept beginning his answers with 'I'm not sure you'll understand this...' And 'This may seem really complex to you...' And 'Do you need the details? Because I won't go into them if it will bore you,' on almost every question.

We kept repeating that we understood and asked deeper questions, but it was like he couldn't fathom us being able to comprehend the great knowledge found in his skull. He answered everything satisfactorily, but we passed him over even though we didn't have any other candidates because no one would have been able to work with him."

His Answers For His Favorite And Least Favorite Boss

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His Answers For His Favorite And Least Favorite Boss

"I asked the candidate to tell me about the best manager he's ever worked for. He lit up and said: 'Oh, that's an easy one. Jesus Christ is the only manager I've ever really answered to, and he's the only boss I need.'

Not wanting to make things weird I replied: 'I think that's great, but I'm looking for you to tell me about someone you worked for with whom you interacted on a regular basis.' This dude didn't even hesitate: 'I interact with my Savior every single day.'

'Okay,' I said, wanting to move on, 'What are some of the characteristics of the worst boss you ever worked for?' His response: 'Her name was Jana and she was my manager at Wells Fargo. She was a total witch about everything!'

I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud. I was expecting him to say something about Satan, and then here he just starts letting the expletives fly about this lady, Jana. He did not get the job."

Cruel Pranks To Become A Lifeguard...
Cruel Pranks To Become A Lifeguard...

"I once applied to be a lifeguard, at the local beach during the summer, only to find out when I went in that it was actually for the indoor pool.

As part of the interview, they wanted to 'see' some of the skills required to be certified. Part of this was loading someone onto a backboard. It was a group interview, so we took turns loading or being loaded onto the board. The manager who was interviewing us was drinking during the interview and proceeded to strap one of the other kids into the board and push the board into the pool as some kind of 'prank'. Keep in mind, your head, arms, and legs are all completely immobilized/secured to the board. Another interviewee and I jumped in to pull him out and the manager just sat there cracking up.

Anyway, I was offered the job and was eventually fired for falling asleep."

So Many Coffee Questions!
So Many Coffee Questions!

"It started with the application.

Now, this was a coffee place. It wasn't a normal application. There wasn't a single question about your past work experience, or your skills, or anything like that.

They just listed random questions, concerning the topic of 'coffee':

How much do you like coffee?

How much coffee do you drink each day?

What is your favorite type of coffee?

If you had to have one thing with your coffee, what would it be?

If you could have coffee with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

So on and so on. 50 questions like this. The last one being an essay question on why you chose the person you did to have coffee with.

When I handed it in, the owner of the place read it, then completely ignored me. Even when I got in line to order coffee, and it was my turn to do so, she ignored me.

I never did get my coffee that day. Any time that I went in, afterward, she would completely ignore me as well; had to always get one of her employees to serve me, or leave if she were the only one working at the time. This went on for over a year before I stopped going there.

And there were two reasons I kept going back. The first reason was that she had good coffee, cheaper than Starbucks, and the second reason was that she had the best chocolate chip cookies ever!"

The Unorganized Interviewer At Zaxby’s...
The Unorganized Interviewer At Zaxby’s...

"I applied online to work as a chef in the Zaxby's test kitchen. I had extensive experience cooking and working in kitchens. Before I moved to Georgia, I was managing a few cafes for a golf course in Hilton Head, so I figured it was worth a shot to go corporate.

I get a call for an interview and he tells me he'll meet me at a Zaxby's in the suburbs of Atlanta. I show up on time only to see a line of high school kids awkwardly standing outside of a Zaxby's under construction. This was in 2008, so I was desperate for a job.

The guy shows up an hour late, leaving all these kids and me sweating in the Georgia summer sun for over an hour. He does a quick interview with each one until he gets to me. I shook his hand and told him I was here for the test kitchen position at corporate. He looks and me and says: 'CRAP. My manager just handed me a stack of applications and I just called the numbers. I didn't look at what the position was for.' Then he says we'll do the interview anyway and he'll see if he can get me to corporate. In the middle of the interview he asks: 'What position would you aspire to be as a cook at Zaxby's?' and I said: 'The one I'm interviewing for right now, obviously.' I left sweaty, broke and angry.

A couple of weeks later, I get a message from him asking me when I can come in as a line cook at a Zaxby's. I didn't call him back. I got a job managing a coffee shop in downtown Atlanta instead."

He Was Disgusted By The Interviewer's Mannerisms!


He Was Disgusted By The Interviewer's Mannerisms!

"I applied for an Admin role at a company. I went into the interview and turned up looking really smart and 15 minutes early. I sat down and waited for the guy who was meant to be interviewing me. The secretary kept telling me: 'He'll be here shortly.'

Well, 50 minutes later, he turns up and says: 'Who the heck are you?' The secretary explained I was here for an interview. I introduced myself and shook his extremely sweaty and grubby hand. He invited me into the meeting room and as he is asking me questions, he starts eating his lunch and chewing really loudly with his mouth open and everything. He then hands me a pen and says: 'Sell me that pen.' I said: 'I mean I could, but I didn't think the admin role had any selling involved.' He then responds: 'Oh crap, what's your name again?' I stood up, shook his now sweaty and food covered hand, and said: 'Listen, thanks for the offer but if this is the standard your company aspires to, then I don't think I want to work here. Goodbye.'

I walked out without looking back at what I imagine was his little bald head crying into his lunch. I got a call asking how I thought the interview went from the guy at the agency who found me the job. I laughed and told him what had happened, his response was: 'Oh, what a shame. They thought it went really well and wanted to invite you back for another interview.'"

The Most Arrogant Man...


The Most Arrogant Man...

"A certain food-chain is coming to the U.K. and the first one they plan to open here is in the city I'm studying in.

Well, I go to this sort of 'open-application' where a lot of different people fill out their application sheet. Then once they finish, they get a one-to-one interview. Well, my one-to-one went really well, I got on well with the interviewer, both laughing, chatting, etc and I got a call afterward, being offered a second interview. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Except, not quite a chicken dinner, more like microwaveable meal sat in your freezer for too long.

I turn up to where the interview is being held, all dressed up and sweating buckets, and I'm told to wait until I'm called over. Fair enough, people are before me.

So I'm called over half an hour later, and one of the guys from the first interview is there. Nice looking chap, friendly face, and a reassuring smile. But the main interviewer he was with, holy crap...I drew the short straw.

This prick is straight-faced, obnoxious, rude and arrogant. I get it, it's an interview, you need to know who you're recruiting, but I didn't get interviewed, I got freaking interrogated.

He asked me about the wristband I had on, which got me into clubs for free before a certain time. He asked me if I liked going out and why I would waste my time on such activities. He asked what were my hobbies, and after I told him, he replied with: 'I like making money.' I told him, being a student, I was looking for work to gain some experience and pay off my debt. 'But students have the most money out of all of us.' What?

Then he asked me: 'Why do you want to work for (company name), besides the fact you clearly need the money?' This cheeky brat.

But here's where he got to me. I used to walk my disabled neighbor's dog, as she was severely handicapped and could not walk, a good-will sort of thing that I just popped on my volunteering work. Well, this total tosser of a man asked me to explain this work and then said:

'Why do you think a disabled woman, who can't walk, would want a dog if she can't even walk it?' What an idiot.

Then I finally finished the interview, he asked his colleague (who hadn't even spoken) if he had any questions, didn't even ask if I had any, then told me in the most monotone voice: 'You'll hear back from us within 24 hours.'

A week later, I received an email telling me I had been unsuccessful. Thank goodness, I could not stand working for that stuck-up inconsiderate jerk. I'd probably end up stabbing the idiot.

Thankfully got a job at a new store somewhere else so I guess all turned out well in the end."

Skype Interviews Are Always Interesting...


Skype Interviews Are Always Interesting...

"Two recent ones:

First, a Skype interview. My first one. The recruiter had called me the night before to prep me for the interview and make sure I was ready. I put on a suit, get the lighting right, set up my laptop with the right background behind me, etc. The recruiter Skypes me and connects me with the potential employer. Then the recruiter loudly eats his breakfast throughout the entire interview. The potential employer doesn't ask me any questions...he just talks. The recruiter proceeds, smacking loudly on the other screen. They never called me back.

Second, I have two interviewers. There was supposed to be a third but he is elsewhere. He shows up about 20 minutes late and they continue the interview. When asked what I don't like in a manager, I tell them I don't like being micromanaged. The interviewer who was late pipes up with: 'Micromanaging is essentially what I do.'

It was really weird. I didn't answer when they called me back."

Not Too Thrilled About His ‘Artsy Background’
Not Too Thrilled About His ‘Artsy Background’

"I had an interview a few months ago for a position I've never applied to. The recruiter found my resume at some database and thought I was qualified for some kind of paralegal position for a real estate acquisitions company. Which is funny because I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing but work in the insurance industry for a position that has nothing to do with that either. Apparently, that's a GREAT match for a paralegal position, right? But I was curious so I went along with it.

So I go in, and all they did was ask questions about my insurance position. The asked some really personal questions, down to if we get stock options and benefits, how many people work in the office, etc. Not only that, but when they asked me for my hobbies and I told them I played piano with a band they looked disgusted and said: 'Oh, so you have an artistic background.' They all looked at each other and asked someone to escort me out of the room.

Guess they got something against people who are into art/music during their free time? I guess I make art when I'm in my office analyzing claims."

She Would Barely Let Him Finish A Sentence...


She Would Barely Let Him Finish A Sentence...

"I had an interview during my civil engineering undergrad. The email, requesting an interview, came to my inbox around 11 pm after I had gone to bed. They simply informed me that I had an interview at 12 noon that would last 60 minutes.

I replied at 8 am, before my classes, that I would attend. I had to leave a class early to get dressed up and showed up at our department's career center at 11:55 am. The interviewer showed up at 12:25 and promptly informed me that I hadn't responded last night, looked annoyed, and sighed as if she was doing me a great favor.

So she explains that each of the questions she was about to ask is from a pre-written list and regardless of how I did there, there would be a follow-up interview. She starts asking me basic questions about my marks and my program specialty. Then she starts commenting on my answers. For example, she asked if I was interested in taking a master's degree. I told her I would love to if I could. She then puts down her list of questions and begins berating me about how if I got this job, I would just be a site supervisor and would never do any design thus education is wasted in me.

Eventually, she flat out told me that the company would place you wherever they felt like, at will. It would likely be remote and in small communities and I wouldn't have any say in the matter whatsoever. She says: 'Would you be okay with that? I replied: 'Sure, don't see why not...' to which she mutters 'as if...' I was taken aback by how unprofessional and arrogant the interviewer was."

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