People Think They Can Just Get Away With The Most Obnoxious Behavior

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People Think They Can Just Get Away With The Most Obnoxious Behavior

>>> "I saw a 90-year-old lady shove a 5-year-old out of the way and onto the ground just to get a free sample at Costco. It was a chicken nugget sample."

??????>>> "I was a 16-year-old cashier at Wendy's. An older man allegedly didn't get what he wanted, so he cussed me out and slammed his food all over the counter. The kicker is that there was hot chili that had just been served (160°F) on the tray too, and some of it splashed on my arm and burned me."

>>> "I saw a guy run up to a beggar and kicked his cup of change with full force, then laughed and ran away."

>>> "I was in the emergency room at a hospital late at night. It was packed full with no spare seats, people sitting on the floor. One guy, who was sitting on a hospital wheelchair with extended foot support (though it was obvious that he didn't actually need it) got up and went for a walk somewhere. Whilst he was gone, a guy came in, barely holding back tears of pain, with a clearly broken leg. He was led over to the wheelchair and carefully propped up his leg. The other guy came back five minutes later or so and looked visibly angry at someone having taken his chair. He then decided to get his revenge by 'accidentally' walking into the guy's leg and sort of kicking him. The guy with the broken leg screamed louder than I thought possible, but instead of apologizing, the guy just walked off before anyone could say anything."

>>> "Some guy at Ministry of Sound. All night, he'd been getting more and more wasted, then he started picking at his girlfriend, how she was dressed like a bimbo, etc, etc. Outside in the smoking area, she said she wanted to go home, clearly wanting to get them both away, hopefully calm him down. Now this girl was tiny, I mean, can't have been taller than 5ft, UK dress size 6, max. This animal grabbed her by her throat and picked her up, screaming in her face. Never seen bouncers react so fast, never seen such a well-deserved butt kicking."

The Whole Line Turned Against Him When He Started Berating The Old Woman


The Whole Line Turned Against Him When He Started Berating The Old Woman

>>> "While waiting in a return line at a store, I saw a little old lady come in. The staff could see that she can hardly walk, so they opened up a different lane just to help her. The middle-aged guy in front of me threw a hissy fit, stomped over to the older woman and began to berate her, saying she cut in front of line. The woman was confused and saying that she was sorry. Another guy in line told the woman that she did nothing wrong and that angered the jerk even more, prompting him to continue yelling at the poor, elderly lady. At this point, multiple people in line were defending this lady and telling the guy to screw off. The best part was how he stepped out of line to be a jerk to the lady. I quickly moved up and would not let him back in, and neither would the good dozen of people behind me. If the jerk had just waited another couple of minutes he would have been the next person to the register, instead, he had to go to the back of the line."

>>> "There was a guy at the train station who had a backpack that was Captain America's shield. He was near me at the station, and I just love the backpack, so I said to him, 'Dude, I love your backpack!' He looked me up and down, and said with a sneer, 'I have a girlfriend.'"

>>> "Two kids are bickering at the zoo and slapping each other. The adult with them winds up and slaps one of them so hard his head rolls back into a door. The adult shouts, 'Don't hit each other!' with the least self-awareness a human could ever possess. Still makes my blood boil thinking about it."

>>> "A guy's idea of hitting on me in a bar, when I was already showing zero interest in him, was to flick a $50 bill at me. He told me to go get him a Jack and Coke. He also said to get myself something, too, so I walked over to order and got my drink. I also bought a round for everyone else sitting at the bar. Maybe, in the end, it made me a jerk too, but I have never felt bad about it."

>>> "My first job was retail. Unfortunately, I had to fill in for the guy who missed his shift in the shoe department. I was cleaning up someone's mess when I overheard a couple getting into an argument. She was upset at him for tossing the shoes she had tried on into a pile. His gestured at me and responded, 'Well, that's what they get paid for.' He then proceeded to kick the pile of shoes across the aisle. She stormed off and he chased after her. Then I started to clean up the ridiculous mess he'd made."

>>> "I'm a Labor and Delivery Nurse. You would not believe some of the behavior I experience on a day to day basis, mainly by the fathers. Multiple times, I've been stopped in the hallway by men frantically asking about paternity testing. I've seen a man sleep soundly in a chair right next to his wife delivering his child (we tried to wake him multiple times and he ignored us). I've seen families chowing down on takeout in the labor room while the laboring mother is unable to eat and starving. The worst are the ones who get violent. I've seen a man attack his mother-in-law to prevent her from posting pictures of the baby on Facebook. I've seen a man punch a nurse for not allowing him to enter the operating room in the middle of an emergency C-section. I've seen a man chase his laboring wife down the hallway, trying to hit her. By the time cops arrive, not much is done. These men are allowed to go home with their wives and newborn babies."

The Bus Driver's Reason For Leaving Him There Was A Poor Excuse

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The Bus Driver's Reason For Leaving Him There Was A Poor Excuse

>>> "I was on the public bus one time and was doing the 'staring out the window like a music video' thing when we stopped at a stop and there was an elderly, disabled man in an electric wheelchair that was falling asleep. The bus driver opened the door, looked out for a second, and then just drove off. When the bus took a second to drive off, the man at the stop started signaling and shouting for the man to stop and just had this look of defeat in his eyes. The bus driver saw him and kept going. I shouted at the driver, 'He's awake and he's asking you to stop!' The next stop was a good ways away, so there wasn't much chance of the poor, old man being able to meet us there.

Then a bunch of other passengers chimed in yelling, 'STOP!'

The driver said, 'No, he wasn't awake.' Again, the other passengers yelled out that they were watching this poor soul desperately scoot towards the departing bus. So the driver stopped, waited for the man to roll on over, helped him into the bus and continued to drive. For a few minutes, it was awkwardly quiet cause the elderly man knew what happened and the bus driver probably thought, out of sight out of mind.

Then he had the nerve to say, 'I didn't know if you were alive or sleeping or what, so I just kept driving.'

When She Politely Asked Them To Keep It Down, They Got Personal

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When She Politely Asked Them To Keep It Down, They Got Personal

>>> "When I was about 8 months pregnant, my husband and I went out to a movie, knowing it'd be the last time we'd be able to go enjoy going to one in a theater without booking a babysitter or bringing our kid with us for the next several years.

The whole time, in a mostly empty theater, a younger couple sat just a few seats away from us, then the rest of the theater filled up so there was no other place to sit. The whole movie, the guy was talking loudly to his girlfriend, who was playing on her phone and chewing on hard candy or mints with her mouth wide open.

Finally, after about an hour of putting up with it, I looked over at King and Queen Rude, and whispered politely, 'Hey guys, mind keeping it down a little?' when my husband got up to use the restroom, leaving me alone.

The girl then looked at my big ol' gestating body, and rolled her eyes and kept chewing her candy, and the guy started laughing at me. Called me a whale, and to shut the eff up. With as preggo as I was at the time, shuffling through the crowded movie theater to either find an usher or just get seats away from these suckers would've disturbed way too many people, so I just sat there and ignored the idiots. Husband came back and wondered why I looked ticked off, and I just nodded to the couple, and they both shrugged and were snickering at me the rest of the movie, ruining the whole thing.

Hoping those two never reproduce, the world needs way fewer jerks."

He Really Regretted Agreeing To Take That Table


He Really Regretted Agreeing To Take That Table

>>> "I was working as a bartender at a restaurant a few years ago. The usual end-of-night process was that all wait staff was cut and the bartender and a closing server would finish off the last hour before close. This left me and a rather overbearing server. A family came into our completely empty restaurant 15 minutes before close. Out of sheer 'I don't want to deal with your sob story,' I told the server I would just take them in the bar so she didn't have to worry about it.

Well, no one expected just how crappy this one family could be. Our kitchen staff had just finished their closing duties. I was already finished with the bar. And most people have the assumption that people who come right before close would at least be courteous. I will never again believe that.

It was a family of six. Two parents, two older kids (late teens, early twenties) and two children. The food at this restaurant was 'family style' which means that a small dish could feed two to four people, and a large four to eight. I explained this thoroughly to this family. Regardless, every single one of them ordered their own dish. Funny enough, three of them ordered the same thing, which was one of the most complex things on our menu. I am sure the kitchen was pumped about that. In all, they ordered enough food for about 25 people. I didn't mention the three large dishes they ordered to go. The order came out to around $350.

I knew their tactic the moment I got to their table. They kept 'changing their minds,' ordering things, and then mentioning they didn't want the dish.

A little side detail: I took orders by memory. This is a skill I picked up being a bartender at music venues where sometimes you have to take orders from 3-5 people at once, in an environment where you can barely hear. I always worked this way, but I usually used it as a gag with tables because someone would say, 'You just remember all that?' and I would list off every single thing they ordered with every detail they changed, in the order they were ordered. People usually thought it was interesting and it was definitely a way to creatively interact with my tables. Truth be told, I could tell you from memory every single thing that was ordered by every table I had over the course of a night.

Well, I was able to keep up with their changes, but without a written piece of evidence, I knew from the beginning they were going to complain about something and try to get free stuff. And that's exactly what they did. They said I forgot the order for the wife. She had actually pulled me aside and told me to take off her order. Yet, when the husband called me out, she just sat there, silent.

I haven't even mentioned what they did at their table. First of all, when I originally came to greet them, I asked how they were doing and gave them my name. They completely ignored me, and just said, 'We'll all have a Coke.' This was the first sign of trouble. That complex dish? Yeah, it was seafood based. So they wanted lemons. I gave them all the lemons I had, and when I brought them, they said 'Yeah...that's not going to be enough.' Also, we are not the type of restaurant that does the whole, 'Hey kids here's some crayons, go ahead and draw on the table mat.' But this didn't stop these people. THEY BROUGHT THEIR OWN.

When I was cleaning up after them, there was garbage EVERYWHERE. It looked like the table was used by different parties all night and no one bothered to clean up between uses. There was crayon all over our tablecloths, which I had to pretty much carve out with a knife. They broke the centerpieces of their table, plus two of the surrounding tables. They were just rude in every way they could have been.

Well, toward the end this ordeal, they played the whole complaint card. My manager ended up having to take the to-go order off their bill, which took that $350 down to about $270. That's when the father gave me his credit card. I honestly thought it was one of those gift card things, and that the family was going to try and flee the scene and leave the card, which probably had nowhere near enough money to cover the bill on it, so I ran the card by the front door. As expected, they were almost out of the building before I was done running it. Fortunately, it was a real card, but I felt like I was bothering the guy trying to get it back to him as he was making his way outside.

He grabs his card and the receipt, writes the exact total down, and signs. I am just staring in disbelief. Then, he said, 'Oh. I almost forgot to tip you. Do you have change for $100?' At this point, I had already cashed out my bar, so all I had were twenties. I hand him five twenties. He slowly sifts each one through his fingers, counting them, then peeled off one twenty dollar bill and hands it to me, saying, 'That should cover it,' and turned around and walked out the door.

That's a 5.7% tip. They came in at 8:45, it was now near 11 and I didn't end up leaving until after 12 due to cleaning up after these people.

I immediately went to a bar and just spent the twenty because I felt dirty even having it in my possession."

Puff Daddy Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Bar Etiquette

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Puff Daddy Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Bar Etiquette

>>> "Years ago, I won tickets to the VMAs at Radio City Music Hall. The seats were literally against the back on one of the mezzanine levels.

They kept the doors shut except for during commercial break, so every break was a dash to the bars. My date and I went out at one point to the crappy little cash bar they had for us and while waiting for our drinks, I looked over the railing into the main lobby and started celeb watching.

As near as I could tell, it was a cash bar down there, too. I saw lots of stars ordering a drink, handing over cash and stuffing the change into the tip jar. My date and I took to judging celebs based on what they ordered and how they tipped. There were three bars in the main lobby. There were two smaller ones with only two people serving, and a larger one with (I think) four bartenders and a helper/bar back. This larger one was almost directly beneath us, so it was easiest to see the cash changing hands. We started going out every break just to say we saw such-and-such.

Anyway, at one point, this massive body of people appeared and started moving together through the crowd to the large bar. Guys who looked like bodyguards started tapping people who were waiting for drinks on the shoulder and directing them to other smaller bars. Eventually, we realized it was Sean 'Puffy' Combs' entourage as he stepped up to the bar. His entourage was in a semicircle around him, blocking the entire bar. Anyone who got close got stopped.

So Puffy ordered his drink and one bartender started to bang it out while the others just stood there, unable to help anyone else. While he was making it, Puffy stopped the guy, waving his hand and shaking his head, and pointed (I presume to a different label). The bartender dumped the drink and made it again, noticeably slower. Puffy was watching closely the whole time until the bartender handed it over. He took a sip, shook his head, and handed it back. He was pointing between the drink and the bottles and who knew what he was saying, but it looked condescending from 30 feet up.

The bartender made it a third time, handed it over. Puffy took a sip and turned his back to the bar and leaned on it. No nod, no thanks, nothing. Puffy saw one of the people his guards were turning away and approved him breaking the perimeter. They talked a bit...still blocking the entire bar.

They issued some kind of a 'get back to your seat' warning and his entourage formed up around him again and walked away. He had the guy make his drink three times. Never paid, never tipped."

She Made THEM Late, Then Had The Nerve To Cop An Attitude!

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She Made THEM Late, Then Had The Nerve To Cop An Attitude!

>>> "I was at work from 4:30 pm to 4:00 am, had a pretty rough shift, never worked that late before, but managed to do it. I also had to travel very far on a train at 6:00 am for an event at 8:30 am, so sleep was pretty much out of the equation. But, again, I just dealt with that thought of having to do that.

With my workplace, we get staff taxis to take us home when it's late, so that's exactly what I did. There was another staff member that needed to take the taxi, and somehow they booked them in the same taxi that I was in, which I didn't mind.

What I did mind was that I had to sit in the car for exactly 15 minutes while waiting for them to come to the car. In that time, I could have gotten home. I could have then had the time to eat something and freshen up before leaving for the long journey.

That staff member, whom I did not know at all, decided to hover around the main entrance on her phone. When 10 minutes passed, I asked the taxi driver to just drop me off, as we were waiting for that person (not knowing it was the woman standing outside just on her phone). The taxi driver called his company, asking to send another driver to pick up the late staff member, which they said no to. I was pretty annoyed at this point.

About five minutes later, this woman came up, with what was probably the worst attitude I have ever seen or heard. Straight up, went to the taxi driver and said, 'This my taxi?' Well, sweetheart, how the heck is the driver going to know if this is your taxi if you haven't stated your name?

He then asked her name, annoyed that she was just standing there wasting his time, and she then confirmed.

She got in the car and then demanded to be dropped off first.

On one level, that was understandable, seeing how her house was on the way, but, with her rudeness, and wasting the taxi drivers' time, the taxi driver just asked me, 'Where do you live?' I proceeded to tell him and he headed towards my house.

Halfway through the journey, she kicked off. The taxi driver could still take another road that would easily get to her house, so he stopped before it and phoned his boss and asked who should he drop off first. The boss, on speakerphone, said my name.

She then threatened his job by saying she would phone the manager of his company to get him fired.

At this point, I had enough. I just said, 'Did you not hear what the manager said over the phone when the driver called him?'

She just started to mouth off and say she didn't know me and I don't know her and I was like, 'Well for starters, I work for the same company as you do, hence why we are both in the same taxi. And you also just stood outside wasting our time to get home...'

Big mistake. She then said that it wasn't her problem, then started to threaten and call me random names which I wasn't bothered by, but I was annoyed that I had to deal with this at that time.

Once she started to threaten my life, (side note: I am a fairly big guy) that was the tipping point. I just said, 'Go ahead, do it, you'll see what happens.' She was still mouthing off, so I told the driver to stop and I got out of the car. I walked just over a mile to my house, at 4:45 in the morning, in the cold. I had to cancel my trip for the morning, as I was exhausted.

I then phoned one of my managers, told them everything, and tomorrow I have to file a report against her. Most likely she will be fired, but I don't care. If I see her, and she proceeds to do what she said in the car, I'll defend myself. If I see her 'back up,' outside the workplace, I won't hesitate to take them down.

Funny thing is, she kept calling me by my work colleague's name as if that was my name. So, clearly, she has no clue who I am, but I know who she is because she said her name to the driver."

This Old Lady Thought She Could Talk To


This Old Lady Thought She Could Talk To "The Help" However She Liked

>>> "I was sitting in a fast food place with my family one day. It was packed. It was also understaffed. Everyone working there is hustling. A teenage kid came out to clean tables.

This blue haired old battle ax started going OFF about how disgusting her table was and wouldn't someone who works there gets off their duff and come clean it. She snapped her bony fingers at this kid, called him 'boy,' then demanded he gets over there and services her table.

As he was about to go over, the table next to him had a catastrophic spill. Soda all over everything. He told the geriatric whiner he'd be right there and ran back to the kitchen for a mop and the wet floor sign.

The whole time, this entitled geezerette was flapping her dentures about how terrible the service was, how lazy and entitled the staff is, blah blah. Every time she opened her mouth, I felt like shoving something in it. Her voice was like rusty old nails being pulled out of a fence. Loudly.

Finally, this poor kid showed up to clean her table, and she verbally abused him the whole time, calling him lazy, incompetent, slow, and then... She ticked me off beyond compare by calling him mentally challenged.

I took one look at his face, and the tears in his eyes, looked at my parents and said, 'We're leaving. Now. Before I murder this old witch.'

My dad said he'd been wondering how long before I lost it, and he was okay with being my alibi. As we went by the table, I looked the old bird in the eye and told her what a rude, self-entitled wench she was, then I went to the front, asked for the supervisor and told her what that poor kid had put up with and asked if he was okay. He was. But he needed a minute to get his composure."

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