The families of Presidents are just like any other family. Sure, they are often rich and well-heeled, but inevitably, there is a black sheep. A wild child or a whacky uncle. A hellion or a troublemaker. They grab the headlines with their unconventional style or their unruly behavior and have often been the source of great embarrassment to a President. Check out this list of the wildest family members that Presidents had to deal with.

Roger Clinton

President Bill Clinton's half-brother Roger was a bit of a wild man. He was a rock n roller that found himself in some serious trouble before Bill became President. In 1985, Roger was convict of cocaine possession and trafficking. He did a little time in the Federal pen, but was out by the time his brother was elected. In one last bit of controversy, Bill pardoned his brother for his past transgressions just before he left office. He has since been arrested a couple times for DUI, so it seems his party days are not completely behind him.

The Bush Twins

George W. Bush's twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna Bush have, by all accounts, grown up to be responsible and productive adults, but there was a time when they were wild college students. That happened to coincide with a big part of their father's presidency. The stories of their partying in college were the stuff of legends. From trying to pass fake IDs, despite being the most famous daughters in politics, to ditching their Secret Service detail to party out of their watchful eyes, the Twins tore it up in college. Of course, they are hardly the only kids to have a good time in college, so most of what they did can be excused.

George W. Bush

Speaking of kids having a good time in college, President George W. Bush is also the relative of a President, his father President George H.W. Bush. In his 20s, the younger Bush was pretty notorious for his partying, much like his daughters. He was a legendary drinker at the Beta house at Yale and later got in some hot water for failing to report to his Air National Guard duty, likely because he was having a better time somewhere else.

Patti Davis

Patti Davis was born Patricia Davis Reagan. She is the daughter of President Ronald Reagan and for most of his life, she's been a thorn in his political side. There is no doubt she loved and cared for her father, as was evident by her heartfelt book "The Long Goodbye" that she wrote after President Reagan's diagnosis of Alzheimer's, but for other parts of her life, she must have driven him crazy. She was an ardent protester of nuclear weapons, even during his presidency and later, and she even posed nude in Playboy. Not exactly the most conservative of daughters.

Billy Carter

Billy Carter was the younger brother of President Jimmy Carter. Billy was just a good ol' Georgia boy that enjoyed having a good time and thought he'd make a little money for himself while his brother held the title of the President. As such, he did all kinds of things, like run for local office (he lost) and becoming a spokesman for something called "Peanut Lolita," which was a peanut-based liquor. Yet what he became most famous for was Billy Beer. A beer named after himself, which would be awesome for most people, but maybe not the President's brother.

Oh yeah - it had an amazing slogan: Brewed expressly for and with the personal approval of one of AMERICA's all-time Great Beer Drinkers---Billy Carter.

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