People who subscribe to the anti-vaxxer movement are typically pretty crazy when it comes to their beliefs and the "research" they conduct to back up those beliefs. Anti-vaxxers as a whole are pretty warped when it comes to the health of their children and society as a whole, but we're about to introduce you to an anti-vaxxer who makes the rest look like well-minded, thoughtful parents who are just looking out for the kids' best interests.

Enter Brittney Kara. Over the past few years, Kara has risen in the ranks of the anti-vaxxer movement with countless appearances at rallies, conferences, and YouTube videos where she preaches her beliefs to tens of thousands of viewers. But a video released in April 2018 where Kara said that she couldn't find any mention of vaccines in the Bible might be her crowning achievement.

Let's take a look at what Kara has to say on the subject (via The Real Truther):

Anti-Vaxxer Brittney Kara on Vaccines and The Bible

Anti-vax "Warrior Mom" Brittney Kara has read the bible and discovered an incredible fact. Vaccines are never mentioned! Which means they must not be good. Or...something like that. Once again, this has to be seen to be believed. -with Brittney Kara #saidnomother #saidnofather #vaxxed #hearthiswell #wedid #learntherisk #vaccineswork

Posted by The Real Truther on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Admittedly, there's a lot to take in from the barely 30 seconds of content Kara provides before everything goes off the rails, but let's dissect some of the choice lines.

The video starts with a line that quickly shows that Kara means business with her claims:

"I just decided to just Google what the Bible says about vaccinations," Kara says as she stares into the camera. "There is nothing in the Bible that talks about vaccines."

But as the end of the video thoroughly points out, there are a lot of things not mentioned in the Bible. This includes everything from modern conveniences like air conditioning, the motor vehicle, or even the internet. But that's not good enough for Kara, as she soon points out.

"So, if God knew in the future that he was going to help create these amazing things that would change our health and be the best scientific advancement, why isn't there anything, any inkling of talk about these things called vaccinations coming in later to save people," she argues. "If that was really God's plan and they were so amazing, then why isn't in there at all?"

Hmm, like we said a couple of paragraphs up, a lot of things aren't mentioned in the Bible; just because something wasn't covered in a sacred text written millennia ago shouldn't take away from the fact that society has had countless technological advancements - both in science and culture.

Earlier in the video, Kara tells her audience that "maybe there's a chapter in there where they say something like an injection?" But she couldn't find anything about a health injection, vaccination, or other forms of preventative care anywhere in her Google search of the Bible.

"Why didn't God talk about that if he knew it was going to come and save the world?" Kara asks.

via The Real Truther

Kara's claims sound ridiculous, right? They're not as shocking when you take a look at some of Kara's previous work.

Her Facebook page is filled with posts, ramblings, and videos spouting nonsense about everything from vaccines killing children to secret societies, and just about everything in between. This includes a video where she spends close to 15 minutes claiming that the President of the United States isn't elected by American voters, but instead, selected by a group of all-powerful shadow people who are actually running society. With that being said, it's safe to take anything she says with a large grain of salt.

According to Kara's Amazon author page, she is "author, certified master NLP (let me Google that for you) practitioner, hypnotherapist, nutrition coach, and mother," with a mission to "inspire people to take control of their health, search for truth, live life with passion, and discover the greatness within them."

Kara has taken her message to anyone and everyone who will listen to her special brand of half-baked theories and "online research," including the 2017 Children's March for Humanity in Santa Monica, Calif., where she had this to say about vaccines:

"The pharmaceutical industry has spent billions of dollars brainwashing the American public and medical establishment that the only way we as parents can protect our children from disease is by injecting them with aborted human DNA, animal DNA, and some of the most toxic chemicals known to the human race into our growing babies," she says in front of a group of supporters. "And we're supposed to accept that and we have accepted that as a universal truth, no questions asked. And when we do ask, we are called crazy, bad parents, anti-vaxxers, and lunatics."

We're not trying to call Kara a bad parent or anything like that, but in the very same video, she admits that her three "healthy, beautiful" children aren't allowed to attend public or private schools in California due to them not being vaccinated. But Kara shouldn't let that get her down because the California Public System is another thing not mentioned in the Bible.

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